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Printed packaging design and production

by:WenJie     2020-08-30

in the market of print, packaging design and production of a large share. Box structure is similar to the three-dimensional structure, its design and layout of the design requirements and product perfect fusion, modelling concise, scientific and reasonable structure, convenient packaging material, energy conservation and environmental protection. production involves many printing technology.

look from the structure shape, packing box is divided into fixed structure and two kinds of folding structure. Fixed structure before and after using can tear open outfit, because want to take up more space, transportation and storage, the cost is high, the most used for packing fragile goods, valuables, etc; Folding structure before and after use, can tear open outfit, transportation and storage, low cost and is suitable for quantitative production. Post-production box also has a large number of multifarious printing process, needs the die-cutting, indentation, beer, such as pasting assembly program.

printing & packaging & packaging materials have corrugated paper, fancy paper, coated paper, single white card, etc. , avant-garde designer in the design of special packaging, have to use some such as materials, metal materials, PVC, wood and other special materials. When design since leaving your computer to the printing & packaging supplier, it takes roughly 6 to process is completed, the following us with a complete example of packaging design and production process.

designer in the process of packaging design, you also need to grasp the related international standard for the material and appearance of the product packaging. In addition, according to the actual packaging materials and certified situation, etc. , combining with the national standard of different product printing & packaging & packaging requirements indicate the following appropriate warning graphics and text, such as: recycled signs, electronic products international safety certification, green environmental protection, the products implement international standards, etc.

about warning graphics and certification marks.

authentication marks are divided into compulsory certification and voluntary certification, the international and domestic product certification and certification marks use has strict rules. Such as domestic has the certification and accreditation regulation of the People's Republic of China and the measures for the administration of the certificates and the marks. The product certification and management system certification services to make clear rules. In most countries, especially developed countries, in order to protect consumers' rights and interests, relevant laws are enacted to promote the safe production and use of products, especially for food safety, environmental protection, public health and areas such as electronic jamming, compulsory certification is required.

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