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Printed books page layout need to pay attention to

by:WenJie     2020-04-07

1。 Page Numbers in orchestration books, the first to find out books and periodicals bookbinding way. Flat binding, saddle stitching, hardcover book sewing, gum, seam sewing machines and other various binding way, its page number in orchestration books are absolutely different, according to their different binding way to orchestrate books page number.

as 16 saddle stitching the pages of books and 16 kaiping binding books and its coding is different. Saddle stitch is put all the books, the pages are superimposed together, and then the spine in the middle place with two nails on the stapled, and flat binding is a folding folded in the page number order 16 folio book listed separately thirty percent, then in turn with a book, then flat on a binder on the stapler.

2。 Before the orchestration books page, printing & packaging production department according to the books and periodicals printing press FaPai single accurately calculate how much is a book page Numbers, and are converted into image. Such as 16 open for printing zhang SAN fold, back registering accounted for 16 page; Twenty percent of 16 to open up the printed sheets split is back version 8 page; Forty percent of 32 open folio printed sheet is back registering 32 pages; 32 open for printing zhang SAN fold, are back version of 16 page number. Divided by the total number of pages of each printed sheet page number is equal to the image.

3。 Orchestration books page should grasp the quality of binding books and periodicals paper bao hou and page layout. 32 open specifications such as printing of books and periodicals, 60 g/m2 up the printed sheets of tissue paper can be divided to fold below forty percent; In excess of 60 g/m2 and 70 g/m2, 80 g/m2 book version of the paper, offset paper, coated paper even color pictorial, because the paper thicker, layout page when considering the requirement of printing and binding, split to transfer forty percent is clearly not enough, even if just fold, fold the book spine is thick, the cutting of the book page number error is large, stagger not consistent, the influence of books and periodicals and beautiful, damaged books and periodicals printing & packaging bookbinding quality.

it for more than 60 g/m2 of thick paper books and magazines in orchestration books page want to decrease the number of folding for book as far as possible, to control the thickness of the book, avoid books page number and the type area by migration, affect beautiful.

4。 Experienced press and journal magazine when arranging books pages using integer to transfer as far as possible, or add a printed sheet, the purpose is to facilitate book printing and binding. But in actual work are often faced with the last remaining 0. 75, 0. 8, 0. 9 to transfer such situation, how to transfer the rest of the scattered arrangement to the most appropriate?

if you use up the printed sheets of the sporadic is the paperback, gum, hardcover lock line binding way, don't put the rest of the sporadic to transfer to the end of the book, it is best to not to transfer a sporadic page arrangement in front of the last complete transfer, this will prevent book binding because there are sporadic pages, cause a pages and pages of fault.

the books ordered on horseback riding is not scattered to transfer a printed sheet or pages, inserted into the books and periodicals in the middle of the position is better, so that you can avoid scattered scattered books page in the book spine mouth appear off the page, the phenomenon such as pages.

5。 Write books page requires the text handwriting clear, easy to puzzle the operator to read clearly. For each image, and not enough of a printed sheet transfer sporadic, split after stack up the printed sheets must be in writing on the first page of the qing dynasty page number sequence number, title, etc. , if the folio directory, preface, inscription, advertising, editor's note, the preface, etc. , are arranged in the location of the page number superscript write clear, informative, lest puzzle slip, error, etc.

6。 Offset printing, the plate cylinder with a good book, adjusted the machine, and set aside the position such as books and periodicals barns, anchor, incision, make good books page number must be compared with proofing press check, to prevent puzzle of books and periodicals printing quality caused dislocation, reverse, etc. According to strict make good books page also wants when binding to gathering, a binder.

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