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Print out powder in the cause and the solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-04

off powder & throughout; Refers to the dust adhesion in printing machine vibration in the machine operation process to produce dust on the surface of the agglomerate drop in print. Dust float in the sky of easy adhesion places spread machine nozzle part and connected to the vents around the nozzle. All there are as many as eight pieces of printer nozzle. On the opposite side of the line of paper levelers orbit. Levelers, easy to stick dust falling orbit, paper piling up, the more the easier off large pieces of dust.

print out solution to solve out the print surface residue phenomenon caused by the powder, the development of machinery are difficult to stick powder is not a simple thing, completely solved powder phenomenon at present is unlikely. Now to get rid of powder phenomenon, in addition to cleaning machinery. No way is the best. After printing with air gun cleaning, seemingly no dust but will drop powder in the printing & packaging, so the cleaning after the printer speed idling for five minutes, dust fall completely; At the same time, the line of paper around the glass without adhesion of dust. Cleaning the number and the printing time is related to spread, once a day. If 24 hours of continuous operation, twice a day. In addition, PP resin coated, subsequent processing, in order to be prudent, cleaned first, quantity control spread.

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