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Print fade, discolor the reason analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-08
Causes of prints fade, color is various, ink light resistance, paper, acid alkali, temperature, the respect such as printing color sequence arrangement problem is causes printing quality fade, color change. 1, the color in the process of printing ink drying process, just the printed ink ink compared with dry ink ink, just the printed ink ink is deep, after a period of time, mark after drying, ink will become lighter, this is not the ink is not light fading, discoloration, mainly in the process of dry ink penetration and oxidation of conjunctival the cause of the formation of the discoloration. Letterpress printing ink to permeability drying is given priority to, just from the printer on the printed products, ink layer thick, the permeability and oxidation of conjunctival dry also need a period of time. Then, ink inside connection material there will be a large part of infiltration of paper fibers, after oxidation of conjunctival dry ink layer thinner, color also becomes weak, this is the inevitable phenomenon often seen. Should control the ink in when printing compared to the original print proof ink slightly deep, when the ink can meet the requirements of the sample ink after drying. Print the color of mechanism in the subtractive method. Sunlight, fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp and the other by a light source, light to the ink pigment of tiny particles, after paint for selective absorption of the light reflected light can present a gorgeous color, the light through the ink film, reflected light more hasten is saturated, so thick ink, colour and lustre is deep; Some ink transparency, colour and lustre is bright. 2, the ink itself not fading light with light ink fade, color change is inevitable, after all the ink will have different degree of fade after the light, become angry phenomenon. Shallow light color ink in the illuminate of light for a long time after fading, discoloration is very serious. Yellow, magenta, green fading fast, green, blue, and black fade slowly. Practice at the time of ink, should choose good ink light resistance, as far as possible the introduction to color ink should be paid attention to when dilute the light fastness, after a few kinds of color should also be considered in the deployment of ink printing & packaging ink light resistance consistency between. Outdoor advertising poster easy fade due to exposure to sunlight, consider the light characteristics of ink. Is the same blue ink, phthalein cyanine than light lake blue, blue light, it is not easy to change color. Gray can be a little black ink in white ink and phthalocyanine ink; Emerald available monochrome phthalocyanine green, not yellow can add some light resin yellow ink, if you add a little white ink color is more bright-coloured some. If use of blue chrome yellow ink, over easy to fade, color, yellow. 3 on ink, paper, acid alkali fade, discolor in general, the influence of the paper is to present a weak alkaline. PH value of 7, the ideal paper neutral, because in the process of paper making, need to add the caustic soda ( 氢氧化钠) , sulfur, chlorine and other chemicals that, in the process of pulping and papermaking process inappropriate and could make the paper acidic or alkaline. There is a certain amount of residual chlorine and organic acid in slurry, if not properly handle, paper is made by acid; If in papermaking process is used by alkaline filler and pigment, there exists a residual alkali solution in the pulp, and did not make the necessary processing, this made paper is alkaline. (1) the paper to the acid and alkaline of printing process and has great effect on the color of the print durability. Paper acid alkaline oxidation conjunctival dry has a direct effect of imprinting, acidic paper imprinted drying is particularly slow, this is because the acidic substances inhibit the conjunctival dry oxidation of imprinting. (2) the paper acid alkali can also cause ink fading and discoloration. Raw materials paper 7 acidic PH value is less than, greater than 7 alkaline and acidic strong paper and due to factors such as basin also has weak acid solution, will affect the ink, the color, such as the peacock blue green after acid. (3) less ink alkali resistance performance. Basically all ink in alkali fading or discoloration. Chrome yellow ink alkali is red, the basket in alkaline paper fade. Especially the gold ink, silver ink, electrochemical aluminum foil hot stamping in alkaline substances will lose their original luster, brassy colors into the ancient yellow, silver ink black is not bright, and adhesion, tend to cause scrap print.
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