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Print edition heart geometric deformation of reason and solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-05
An insufficient vegetable parchment density, the density of the original is very common, especially the characters and field. Generally use a secret agent (first A black agent) Apply ( Pay attention to when daub the dip in a secret agent not too much) Can, after being dry in the same place daub is the second time, completely dry before printing & packaging. But sometimes only daub a secret agent density is still not enough, then there are two kinds of processing methods. ( 1) With ink or painted the ink with black paper cover suitable for big and complex pattern, with black paper cover principle applicable to the field. Can also be combined two methods, namely first painted the edge with ink and relatively narrow place, with a black paper cover the rest of the big field. Note in ink is not too much, or vegetable parchment will wrinkle, affect the printing & packaging quality. ( 2) Repeatedly copying method with repeated copies of enough original film density can be obtained. First of all, with less exposure time and developing time ( The general was 50% ~ 70%) of normal time Copy to get Yin figure, will the blank part of the Yin figure for density is not enough in silver particles away, then the Yin figure with more time ( The general was 120% ~ 150%) of normal time Copy the second time, then the general density can be obtained enough film. If you still not enough, can turn kao again can. Second, the film has a big fog fog on film available to increase exposure time or development time, increase the developer concentration and other methods to deal with, but the quality must be guaranteed by. If we can't guarantee the quality of graphic or fog is too heavy, have to out of film. Three, strokes the uneven thickness of this situation is found in vegetable parchment, because the laser printer malfunction or vegetable parchment itself quality is bad. Daub a secret agent solution can be used to improve the gap between the coarse stroke and the most fine strokes, but cannot completely eliminate the phenomenon of uneven thickness. At this time, should be printer maintenance or replacement after vegetable parchment resend vegetable parchment. Four geometric deformation geometry or size type area occurred, often because of printer, caused by improper adjustment but also have happened by chance. Deformation often occurs on the vegetable parchment, more is a parallelogram deformation, namely type area row, column, not vertical relationship. When deformation phenomenon is serious or size only to the vegetable parchment, without serious when with the consent of the customer can not resend vegetable parchment, so need to puzzle about to type area by incision side as the benchmark, up and down the page number as the benchmark to puzzle. Because rely on incision side as a benchmark to type area, misregister phenomenon is not very serious, but if the benchmark to behavior, misregister phenomenon is very serious, and when to type area incision side as a benchmark, side of the spine alignment is not easy to be found. Five, the deformation vegetable parchment very common vegetable parchment itself, is not of vegetable parchment falbala, have been together longer, inhale. Longer if not serious, can be appropriately large vacuum plate burning machine, still can suck flat; But as longer serious impact on the inhale, hair dryer available appropriate uniform hair-dryer, vegetable parchment contraction, can suck flat, true not line, had to output, puzzle again.
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