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Preparations for printing prepress production files need to pay attention to what?

by:WenJie     2020-04-07

①。 Has all the necessary documents, please make sure the document please make sure the image file must be contained in the document, although sometimes the image on the display, but actually lack the image or resolution is low, so please make sure the required image and provide sufficient precision of image files in the document. ( Image resolution not less than 300 pixels per inch)

②。 Don't forget to copy into the necessary fonts, be sure to confirm to provide the necessary style, although some font display, but still need to kao may a slice of font can output film. Only to ensure that the display and input font can not waste your own time.

③。 Don't forget to put the link to the color of the image from RGB to CMYK, or out of the chaos after the film will appear color phenomenon.

④。 After the Pantone color to CMYK color, please confirm whether can achieve the same effect. Pantone Color converted to CMYK, both tend to produce certain differences, some Pantone Color after converted to CMYK, according to the experience of output can achieve the same effect, but the Process Pantone Color must be CMYK can achieve, then can only increase the Color way to solved.

⑤。 Pictures of double scanning; Haploid output, which can improve the quality of the scan of the picture.

⑥。 Whether layout file set 3 mm bleeding this simple question is often experience some senior computer expert folding halberd; Whether the colors in typesetting software according to the color values set.

⑦。 And the printing & packaging film proofing is the most worry YinChang reference. If no proofing due to various reasons, please must provide at least a printout ( Color is best, don't really have, black and white) , we have to either of the above to check the film.

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