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Paper packaging - Hard seal nine kinds of color and the processing method?

by:WenJie     2020-04-17
Paper printing & packaging requirement is high, the original design file. Some limited knowledge of the printing & packaging designer's printing & packaging, printing difficulty is very big, there are still many problems need attention. According to the experience of professional printing industry, the following nine difficult to print color and some prepress design needs to attract attention. For your reference. 1. Gray balance. According to theory and production practice experience, the print color is the most difficult to control in the gray balance. Gray balance is under certain print applicability, the yellow, magenta and cyan version of three primary colors together, and at a certain point ratio from light to dark for printing in order to obtain a different color ( White, light gray, gray, dark grey and black) , that is to say, there are many factors affect the neutral gray color. Ink, printing paper, full concentration, halftone dot, dieyin and silk screen line number will be a lot of influence on gray balance. This is the machine and operator skill levels of the highest accuracy test. 2, 4 color and 3 color screen, please don't full color print, It is recommended to use the color printing) 。 3, don't know the person of printing design is the most difficult to printing. On the one hand, high color, print is very small, and so on. 4, C = 50, M = 50, Y = 50, K = 50 large flat screen, a bit error, serious partial color. 5, text for four color, that is, in a variety of cmyk colors in the text, especially small words, it is difficult to put on, diao paper teeth very demanding on the machine. It is also a common problem, so the prepress designer output must be checked before publication black text file, especially the fine print, is only on the black version, and should not appear in the other process engraving. If appear, the printed product quality will be big discount, RGB graphics into CMYK graphic, the black text will certainly become four color black. Unless special specified, it must be to deal with it. 6, have black background is not easy to deal with. In order to achieve the effect of black ink can print or print in black ink twice. 7. Superposition of multiple color points, especially more than 70% of the points. In particular, due to the color, dark brown, brown, dark green, Pure color screen, contains blue 70) Blue, dark blue, purple and so on is difficult to find a balance on the printer, so they are difficult to print. 。 8. In printing, usually all printing, full color spots or large area, inversion of characters, the same logo and the same color, are usually difficult to follow color, easy to produce off color, ghosting, dirt, scratch injury phenomenon. 9, the gold and silver small text. Professionals said that small text is afraid of the dry plate in the process of batch. These must be control in place. The plate must be wiped clean. The viscosity of the ink should be controlled in the vicinity of 14. Pay attention to the dry plate. In short, qualified print must conform to: 1. Overprint accurate; Second, the ink color evenly; Third, the network is full. Fourth, ink balance; Fifth, there is no printing on printing product defects, such as dirt, scratches, flower printing, printing paste, etc.
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