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Paper and paper products in the first half profit dropped by 25. 4%

by:WenJie     2020-09-05

the National Bureau of Statistics released in late July 2019 important production materials circulation market price fluctuations, according to the 24 provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities) Circulation field 9 categories of 50 kinds of important market price monitoring of production data shows that in late July 2019 compared to the middle of July, 15 kinds of products prices, 28 species, 7 kinds of flat.

among them, high-strength corrugated paper - on July 20 On July 31, the price for 3286. 52 yuan, 500 million yuan more than falling in mid-july, fell 1. 6%.

in fact, high-strength corrugated paper consecutive month fell, and as the product of the papermaking enterprise's revenue and profits are also in a downward trend. Known in the industry, many small and medium-sized papermaking enterprises are at a loss, in a short period of time is difficult to see the tendency of rejuvenation.

and according to the National Bureau of Statistics data released on July 27, 1 - In June, the total profit of 29840 industrial enterprises above designated size. 000 million yuan, year-on-year decline in 2. 4%.

among them, 1 - paper and paper products June's revenue for 6528. 300 million yuan, compared to reduce 2. 3%; Operating cost for 5695. 800 million yuan, compared with the same reduced by 1. 2%; Profit total for 281. 500 million yuan, dropped by 25. 4%.

but copy printing & packaging and recording media industry situation slightly better. 1 - In June, its operating revenue for 3028. 300 million yuan, rose 1. 7%; Operating cost for 2544. 400 million yuan, rose 1. 1%; Profit total for 183. 200 million yuan, rose 6. 6%.

the international bureau of statistics data released, also demonstrated in the first half of this year. Although at present for the second half of the market, the industry has a bit of look forward to, but overall is still in the majority with pessimistic.

the original title: National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) : paper and paper products in the first half profit dropped by 25. 4%

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