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Pad printing machine in the normal production to prepare what aspects before printing

by:WenJie     2020-04-14
Pad printing & packaging machine and computer printers are different, is not a phone on the power supply can print pattern on the product immediately, pad printing as the main body of special printing process, before the normal production to prepare the following items: pad printing plate pad printing steel plate as the patterns of the pad printing carrier, is the primary essentials, printing to produce pad printing steel plate need to offer product design as a reference. Pad printing rubber head should be according to the product of the printing design and choose the appropriate position plastic head. Excess ink pad printing & packaging blade scrape off the steel plate surface, reveal a part of the design. Pad printing ink, metal, plastic, wood, there are a variety of different number and material, so need to choose according to different products of the best printing ink adhesion. Products fixture pad printing & packaging logo printed on the product to each of the same position, must make form a complete set of special fixture, don't let its mobile, fixed workpiece fixture material has a variety of: atomic ash, aluminum, bakelite material, such as not to scratch the product and can be a very good hold the shall prevail. Compressed air moving printing machine internal most of pneumatic components, need compressed air as the driving source.
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