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Packing order batch production if do a good job details?

by:WenJie     2020-09-05

packing to customize how to do a good job in all details in the production process, reduce scrap rate is we have been the topic of discussion and continual improvement. For example, the clean and yield in the process of production is a difficult problem. process has quite part of the product will appear with a dirty phenomenon, this is very common. Although attention has been watched by printing the captain mechanical operation, such as ink stability. But mass production still can't avoid the hundreds or even thousands of zhang smudgy scrap.

custom package mass production to avoid production accident, on the question of the quality control, should jump out of the scope of solving the existing problems only, rely on modern technology and method, combined with work experience in printing, from the each link of production, strengthen the management and control, timely find the accident symptom.

in addition, we also should according to different customers, products and packaging transportation mode, different printing & packaging functional testing standards, including aging test, high and low temperature cycle test, vibration test, drop test, stacking testing, packing and shipping, smell detection, heavy metal foreign body detection, etc. , to ensure that the packing to fully meet customer requirements.

boxes of various sizes customized exist at present, more and more diversified design and personalization, through batch procedural improvements in packaging and printing, digital printing production quality control, can not only reduce the production of fake and shoddy, still can make brand printing & packaging innovation provide good printing environment. Personalized corrugated printing & packaging boxes custom in the next few years the use of digital printing & packaging will have a breakthrough. Although today's digital printing is used to supplement the traditional printing, but the future we can foresee the replacement of traditional printing digital printing for more solutions to customers.

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