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Packing custom secondary use should pay attention to what?

by:WenJie     2020-08-30
Packing we usually is the disposable use custom, in most cases is used up, throw them or recycling. So the cartons secondary usage, ok? In fact, after the outbreak of influence, many companies have to cut as much as possible. For the use of carton is also can save a province. Also can use won't buy again. Originally the disposable use, also as far as possible to secondary use. Such down efficiency improved obviously, daily cost also can reduce some. For the secondary use cartons, we need to pay attention to what problem? Let's say.

1。 Secondary USES of the carton used to ensure that the performance of the standard, this is mainly because that the cartons for a long time exposed to air, the moisture in the air will penetrate into the carton, carton compression caused by performance degradation, if inferior goods twice to use may be prone to accidents. For example: the carton when stacking collapsed or transportation soft rotten when damage to the goods. In particular, some high-value goods, but also to the main transportation save security. Using high-strength corrugated paper boxes custom 200 g is equal to the market average carton is 250 g, secondary, as long as it's not overload when using basic can keep used multiple times.

2。 Cartons are secondary use is very limited. If they are carrying light products or semi-finished products, can be used multiple times. Preservation conditions, of course, is to be in the ventilation, dry environment is advisable. Although is coated or after spraying the waterproof layer carton, also pay attention to the water can't meet, not exposure. Ordinary carton only stick to a few minutes under the influence of water, sun also can stick to a few days.

3。 If cartons transport cold-chain products or to take water product printing & packaging & packaging carton, secondary use is not recommended, as well as the reasons. Check if the carton in good condition, the secondary use only as a temporary backup, you can properly repair or reinforcement. For example, in the add a layer of tape sealing, bonding of parts or beat a few patches with binding machine.

4。 Secondary use carton, also need to pay attention to is not overloaded, this, also have mentioned above, if the loading of the goods has been far exceeds the load, so there is a big security hidden danger. To choose the suitable carton, also want to consider the choice of using occasions. Packing custom found small make up a lot of manual talent like the cardboard boxes are making toys, so, must pay attention to the cartons can't close to the fire, and try to avoid contact with water. Or it is easy to scrap.

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