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Packing custom printing qr code logistics warehouse management is easy

by:WenJie     2020-08-31

custom printing qr code, and the systematic logistics warehouse management of the new situation of the information age. The warehousing logistics transportation printing & packaging carton is the use of a more systematic way with qr code scanning code in and out of warehouse management. Copy the qr code in a way, that kind of carton is very widely in many finished goods management methods. As an integral part of modern logistics, printing & packaging customization demand loading, protect beautiful etc. Function. This effect is available with physics parameter values is the key to distinguish the quality specification. In order to product management in qr code printed on the package. It can complete the processing and delivery of continuity, facilitate management methods and tracking.

with the development of modern logistics and electronic supervision code, various industries in order to achieve the product security and traceability management, custom packing in addition to the original based on the function of the container, also asked to assign a code, do & other; A case of a yard & throughout; 。 Most of the manufacturers need to draw more and more variability information box out. Apart from traditional simple information, such as product name, batch number, production date, bar code, the qr code and other information to ascend. In order to make a lot of the content of the outer packing mark clearly visible, the provisions of the specifications to the symbol in ascension.

custom can printing on all kinds of carton packing, high-definition, high recognition rate qr code, a case of a yard, or a box of a yard, etc. , so as to realize the quality of the product traceability, effectively strengthen the safety of the product. We can provide the cartons qr code printing professional solutions. As carrying the goods digital and information content of carton, the printing way also has a higher request to the equipment. We can adopt imported printing & packaging equipment, printing contain logo logo, graphics, tables, product name, number, size, quantity, weight, date of production information such as the content of large size printing & packaging.

can not only consider the customer requirement for large and medium-sized carton printing, also can raise the productivity of customers bag, automation technology, reduce the identification of expensive labor costs and raw material cost, solve the inward and outward goods labels in the long-term international shipping, wet and friction problem can be caused by drop down, because make the symbol and track more spirit.

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