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Packaging printing plant how to bring down the cost of gravure printing ink

by:WenJie     2020-04-04
There are two ways reduce the cost in the gravure printing & packaging ink. One is reduce the cost, the second is to reduce ink purchasing cost. At this point, China carton network mainly with all of you to discuss how to decrease the cost of gravure ink used. Reduce cost and obtain the biggest profit is the enterprise survival and the development premise, packaging printing industry is no exception. Although only 15% of the cost of printing ink ( The paper to 45%) , but as far as we know, the printing & packaging shop never stop making efforts to reduce the ink costs, printing & packaging printing plant more hope ink supplier with the best cost performance, provide meet the requirements of ink products. A) Improve the ink coloration. According to interviews with several printers are hoping to ink factory improve the ink color, want to use quantitative ink printed more live or quantitative of live parts with the least amount of ink, in order to reduce the printing cost. However, the amount of ink and ink coloration are closely related. In ink is certain circumstances, the higher ink coloration, seals live thing, the more the greater the profits. 2) Reduce the use of additives or the use of auxiliary. On the one hand, printing can be used directly when all hope that the ink used in printing, no need to add or rarely add additives, only need to solvent to adjust the viscosity of the ink. Because adding additives can improve the printing cost, increase the printing preparation time, waste of manpower, will also affect the stability of the ink will also bring trouble finishing. Requirements, on the other hand, fertilizer has certain pertinence, additives to form a complete set of ink, the effect is obvious and easy to use. Now many unused but join additives is likely to continue to use the ink, caused the waste. So, hope after using ink printer, and storage of 1 ~ 2 months after simple processing can continue to use, in order to reduce the waste of ink, cost savings, which requires the ink manufacturers ink cannot be used in continuous after mixing solution. 3) Improve the ink for high-speed printing adaptability. Now, domestic gravure press generally around 150 m/min, the speed of the printing machine speed increase will reduce the operating costs of printing, improve business efficiency. So printing manufacturers hope to be able to adapt to 300 m/min or more plastic gravure ink printing speed can get the market soon.
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