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Packaging power source manufacturer customer service process

by:WenJie     2020-09-04
Creative design optimizing raw material brand has a 30 people experienced design team, being active, creative, make you stand out. At the same time, we choose brand raw material supply, equity investment of south China international industrial materials city, direct imports of raw materials. Strong capacity to supply packaging has a modern plant and production base, a total construction area of 16. 5 square meters, processing equipment more than 20 Taiwan, Germany Heidelberg printing equipment, such as France, Switzerland, Japan more than a dozen imported production equipment, and other base and a variety of mechanical equipment and domestic indoor test equipment.

many quality certification quality consistent packaging has passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification audit, GSV global security verification, FSC forest management certification and nearly 10 validation. All production according to the standardized production, stable quality, cooperation. Close service one-on-one documentary

8 hours after-sales service, instant response, experience in team one-on-one throughout services. Online service hotline: 13530686081

printing & packaging printing service process

a business process, printing 1, 2, business customers online or telephone hotline staff one-to-one communication 3, printing processing contract customers pay the advance payment, the early stage of the graphic design 5, 4 proofreading modify 6, customers finalized j. zi. no. 2001 7, computer printing 10 8, 9 late processing, finished product inspection, finished product packing and shipping door to door

2, printing & packaging process 1, two films, proofing, puzzle, plate burning PS version 3, computer printing 4, late late processing 5, inspection factory three, processing technology, binding (1 Binding, : flat, paperback, hardcover, saddle stitching, glue) 2, folding, Twenty percent, thirty percent, forty percent, fifty percent, etc. ) 3, coated ( Light film, dumb film) , polishing, oil ( Local and whole) 紫外线( Local and whole) , hot stamping, Gold and silver) , concave and convex, embossing, flash powder, snow oil, etc. 4, common bei cut ( Rectangular, round, round, oval) , abnormity, 5, pasting, Envelope, handbag, packing boxes, hardcover book cover, card box)

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