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Packaging materials and printing process knowledge collection

by:WenJie     2020-03-29
and printing is improve product added value and important means and ways to increase the competitiveness of products. At ordinary times you always see wide variety of exquisite packaging, don't look down upon them oh, actually each have their own characteristics, differences and USES of different packaging materials have different printing process. The single powder ( Single-side coated paper) 1. Commonly used the carton material, the thickness of the paper from 80 g to 400 g various thickness, higher thickness are two framed. 2. A side paper light, matt, only a smooth surface can be printed. 3. Unlimited for printing color. Double copper 1. Commonly used the carton material, the thickness of the paper from 80 g to 400 g various thickness, higher thickness are two framed. 2. Both sides are smooth, double-sided printing. 3. Different from single biggest paper are double-sided printing. Corrugated paper 1. The commonly used single corrugated paper and double corrugated paper 2. Light weight, good structural performance, bearing capacity is strong, can be moistureproof. 3. Can achieve all sorts of color printing, but the effect is better than single and double copper powder. Paper 1. Often used to make gift box structure, surface mounted a layer of single paper or specialty paper. 2. Commonly used color is black, white, grey, yellow, thickness according to the bearing need to choose. 3. If framed is single powder, the printing process is consistent with the single powder; If it is a special paper, most of the hot stamping, only a part of it can realize simple printing & packaging. Specialty paper 1. There are many different kinds of specialty paper, printing & packaging materials commonly used are: on the embossed paper, pattern paper, tinsel, etc. 2. This paper through special processing, can improve printing & packaging quality and grades. 3. Embossing could not printing paper and patterned paper, gold paper four-color printing. Compound bag 1. Compound bag is suitable for food, tea, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other products of vacuum packaging or general packaging. 2. Have the same process can be done with paper, can screen printing, printing & packaging, hot stamping. Blister 1. Blister is a kind of transparent material, the main raw material for PVC, PE or PET. 2. Can directly replace the paper box, also can cooperate with the paper card. 3. Can screen printing, printing, also can be hot stamping. 4. Can computer printing, but the printing product is higher, small production normally just screen printing. OPP bag of 1. OPP bag is stretchability of polypropylene, is a kind of plastic, is plastic bags. 2. Before you install outer, product set a OPP bag, looks clean. 3. With high transparency and brittle characteristics, can also according to need to print all sorts of design and drilling. Heat shrinkable bags of 1. This is a kind of reaches a certain temperature contractility strong bag, to protect the packing. 2. Are only used for protective packaging, do not do other processes. 02 packaging materials commonly used printing four-color printing four color: blue ( C) ), magenta ( M) , yellow, Y) , black, K) , all colors can be through the mixture of the four kinds of ink, finally realizes the color graphic. When the color printing color printing refers to the use a specific ink to print this kind of color, the color color many, commonly used is only gold, silver, can refer to the pantone, but cannot achieve the gradient color printing. After coated printing, with transparent plastic film to print surface has two kinds of light membrane and the membrane, protect and increase the gloss, at the same time can increase the hardness and tensile properties of the paper. UV printing prints need to highlight the part of the local glazing carry bright, make local design more has the stereoscopic effect. Hot stamping stamping is the use of the principle of hot pressing, in printed form a special metallic luster effect. Hot stamping is only monochrome. Hit convex USES a set of graphic corresponding concave and convex template. Yin and Yang to substrates in the meantime, pressure out through pressure relief of concave and convex effect. Paper can be of various thickness cardboard do convex. Code using the spurt the code machine spray print logo on products ( Production date, shelf-life, batch number, corporate logo, etc. ) , can be sprayed printed characters of simple design, strong flexibility.
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