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Packaging color neutral gray balance effect

by:WenJie     2020-09-15

shenzhen carton printing & packaging is use of the working principle of the print color reduction, the gradual reduction, texture reduction, resolution reduction. In the neutral gray balance in color printing printing & packaging & packaging plays an important role. Today we will follow a cardboard-box factory in shenzhen to get to know.

background removal greatly reduces the amount of ink on, to improve the printing & packaging eligibility; Is advantageous to the ink dry, decrease the color ink dieyin; Has increased the dosage of black ink, which, in turn, reduces the cost. Another is from the process improvement, improve the concentration of the black ink and gloss, and reduce the amount of ink color printing ink in the color parts, ink layer thinned effectively to speed up the drying speed. Background to remove when should pay attention to the impression in general, dark color in the middle of the neutral grey and nearly neutral grey area.

shenzhen cardboard-box factory also told we only grasp removal amount control; Good grasp of the remove control points in this way can we produce good quality products.

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