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Packaging color box to make these details do not pay attention to, the finished product will not good-looking!

by:WenJie     2020-09-04

packing color box will experience during the process of production process, from the beginning of cardboard cutting, printing, beer, adhesive and so on in a few details will effect the beauty of the finished product. We are together and see it!

1。 color box, when cutting, if the incision of rough untidy, which can cause larger rejection rate. Is one of the factors affecting the quality of the finished product. Therefore, it is important to note here the selection and use of materials and cutting tools. Note that each paper material cutting force, etc.

2。 In the printing process, laminating, hot stamping, UV, the oil polish is often appear, such as printing & packaging color deviation is big, the printing content is missing or vague, untidy. Misregister, and so on. In our common printing products, the more complicated prints, its production in the process of the greater the possibility of mistakes. Need to pay attention to the details of the lot. If you want to learn more about recommend everyone to find relevant information query or printing.

3。 Pay attention to during the process of line pressing indentation area uniform stress at the same time, to avoid creasing the dominant or recessive a rift. After folding, inflexion indentation Fried line appear in the production process, not only will affect the packing box of beautiful degree, will seriously affect its quality. 4. Adhesive packing color box, more it is important to note that the glue used glue in moderation, and adhesive cardboard alignment and tidy, no crack. , same for nail box nailing also need alignment, tidy and beautiful. After bonding pressure and stability during the processing of also should pay attention to not appear indentation dominant crack.

in the large-scale production base has adopted a integrated printing & packaging equipment, greatly reduce the handmade. Cutting, printing & packaging, packing color box, beer can be done through the mechanical control quickly, so keep a high level on the finished product quality, also can better avoid quality unstable situation. Therefore, our product quality is better than 95% of the manufacturer.

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