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Packaging color box printing on corrugated flexo matters needing attention

by:WenJie     2020-08-27

flexo mainly is the packing color box printing one way, it USES flexible raised image plate direct printing & packaging. Due to the flexible version has great elasticity can transfer fluid or grease ink said to almost all types of material. Therefore, in the printing process according to the characteristics of flexible printing, choose suitable for flexo manuscript. Of course, there are some factors can also affect the flexo printing effect. So, in the corrugated color box printing, due to the influence factors on the quality of the corrugated paper print are: process, equipment, materials, technology and environment, and many other aspects. As a result, corrugated paper is some matters need attention in the process of flexo, including what? Let's explain for everybody who need attention. Hope to have certain help.

we put the corrugated box flexo printing process is divided into two parts, namely the prepress processing and printing. Specific should pay attention to what?

1。 In prepress processing, should pay attention to in the design of the manuscript using color accurately. Namely to creative works out a strong visual impact, and want to printing chromatic number to reduce as much as possible, reduce the number of overprint. Overprint, the more the compressive strength of corrugated cardboard fell much more serious. Second, pay attention to the level of application. In image design, lines, text, colors, it is best to use vector software processing image or make some special effects, can use Photoshop, and other forms of pixels of the software. In addition, in the printing & packaging design, and many times will use the gold ink, silver ink to improve printing & packaging design effect, improve the grade of packaging.

2。 Choose good water-based ink. High quality printing ink, with exquisite feel sticky, concentration is appropriate, diluted with water or alcohol solvent, no precipitation, caking phenomenon such as, no bubble, when stirred when mixed with other water-based ink color good affinity, no abnormal reaction. But beware: not to water-based ink and ink, solvent ink mixing alcohol sex, or add organic solvents in water-based ink, lest cause failure and affects the quality of color box printing printing.

3。 In corrugated cardboard flexo, both to the pursuit of the exquisite patterns, also want to consider printing & packaging is difficult. Such as fine words and patterns, to overprint, for accuracy is not ideal, it is bound to cause printing design is not beautiful and increase rejection rate, generally through the trap to solve this problem.

4。 At the same time, the corrugated cardboard color box printing in the process of flexo, note also pay attention to some problems in the printing processing. Problems often are: printing plate by expansion, line coarsening, in the stack of color covering printing can't cover the base, print present many round hole, such as pinhole sample surface handwriting paper printing, paper board surface is creasing, print on the surface of powder and easy to rub off, cardboard surface fuzz. The solution of these problems, or by adjusting the ink viscosity, or by controlling the pressure, or adjust the feed roller clearance, or the way such as cleaning, can even change the board resolved respectively.

as a result, corrugated flexo way in color box printing only to understand the points for attention in the process, to reduce the inferior products, and the generation of waste. workers must, therefore, in the life and work more. In this way can let us to attain the best printing quality, also can let the customer be satisfied.

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