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Packaging color box printing color difference obvious, how to be revised?

by:WenJie     2020-08-29

packing color box printing color and we see the color is little different, generally we naked eyes see the colors of visible light of different wavelengths the subjective image of ci. In printing, the color is no way to do the same. Usually what we call the same color, actually just tell us not to come out, if through the instrument to identify that there is a deviation. process to reduce the deviation, need experienced designer palette. Actually printing color difference caused by the formation of the main reason is improper operation. So the designer should be understood in the formation of color.

if the printing process color difference obvious, how can we be revised? Three check fix requirements:

1, base paper: use of a batch of paper material need to be strict inspection, such as: moisture, quantitative, stiffness, color, thickness, tension, and so on. Given that, if there are technical standards directly abandoned. Avoid because paper material color difference between the difference.

2, printing ink: printing & packaging color box printing ink used for packing requirements higher than the general industry standard, in addition to the supplier for the prototype printing ink quantitative analysis, we also tested internally. Including the strength of the ink, grayscale, color error, viscosity, degree of fineness, tinting strength, transparency, color stability index, the ink technology to use standard. Index of each batch of ink has a detailed, real testing data, and compared with standard ink index, conforms to the internal control indicators can be put into use, in this way can effectively avoid by subjective judgement ink applicability, no ink for the printing color difference caused by quantitative analysis.

3, equipment: ink tank clean regularly, to ensure that the ink key flexible. Check the abrasion of equipment. Inspection printing pressure to keep consistent with the default values. Measuring rubber cloth and plate thickness up to standard data. To UV lamp replacement in time to avoid impact due to the UV lamp power attenuation ink curing speed, affect the printing & packaging quality. Timely change to set the print plate, avoid the design of minor wear and affect the printing & packaging color effect etc.

well more than three, for our daily packing color box printing & packaging production color deviation correction have great help. Can reduce the error, which means to make customers satisfied with our packaging products. Good products, good service each customer, to satisfy every customer demand for the good of our product, is the premise of we maintain a long-term cooperation. integrity management for 50 years, looking forward to cooperate with more customers, get more customer recognition and highly.

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