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Packaging color box in the production of the environmental requirements

by:WenJie     2020-09-15

we know that Chinese people is inseparable from the use of the gift of color printing & packaging printing & packaging & packaging, but how is our gift has more features, we usually work in his packaging, in order to reflect the importance of packaging color box and uniqueness, it needs to follow the following environmental requirements in production today, we can follow color printing & packaging packaging manufacturer to get to know it.

when we in the production of a product is the most in the temperature of the product, we need to maintain the product on a general under 33 ℃, humidity should not be more than 45%, so as to avoid because of its moisture volatilizes not box and reduces the bearing pressure. Box of billet should rotate 4 h after forming, if the customer needs, available blower air forced adhesive as soon as possible, so as to promote board away excess water.

in order to improve the strength of the box, comprehensive analysis should be comprehensive consideration, reduce the adverse factors, not attend. At the same time also note products need to be placed in appropriate environment.

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