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Overwrapping custom 'transparent' or 'opaque'?

by:WenJie     2020-09-06

customize packing use transparent packaging is workable? Trend of foreign packaging prefer transparent packaging, such as common in the food packaging. One is to attract customers, and the second is for the sake of food safety. Certain types of food needs to keep in the production and sales packaging transparent, transparent packaging can view and find food is bad in time, avoid eating expired or due to bad food safety hidden trouble. But for most general commodity is using opaque carton packaging. So, besides food, other product outer packing custom have a need to change into a transparent packaging?

the problems to be considered according to the manufacturer's own products. Some fine handicrafts outside packing of customization, for example, use transparent design in the packing gift box, let customers enjoy the products of artistic beauty, consumption and to achieve. Start from here, the use of transparent packaging is very favorable. But some sensitive products in strong light or natural light will produce bad products do not fit. Such as some chemical products.

transparent printing & packaging & packaging beautifully chic, product promotion and sales, is very popular in Europe and the United States and other regions, but there is no widely accepted in China. Has yet to be transparent packaging design through ascension. Transparent packaging materials on the effective development and utilization of a ground-breaking change is needed. At present, digital products, small appliances, office equipment thereof use a large quantity of plastic packaging boxes custom still exists not conform to the requirement of environmental protection. Despite receiving the influence of green trade on the export, but just meet our own needs quantity is very large. So in this aspect also needs to continue through the research and development and the innovation of technology to change the status quo.

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