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Overview of nature

by:WenJie     2020-09-13
Cardboard-box factory is the most widely used printing & packaging products, according to different materials, such as corrugated carton, single layer carton, with various specifications and models. Today, we follow the cardboard-box factory in shenzhen to understand the knowledge of it. Everywhere in our life, we can see the existence of the carton, it is also the kinds of complete, such as three layer, five layer, use less, in each layer is divided into paper, corrugated paper, core paper, glossy paper, and paper have tea plate paper, kraft paper, core paper using corrugated paper and so on are commonly used as commodity package material or item to protect the outer material. carton as an indispensable part of modern logistics, bear the important responsibility of RongZhuang, protection products, beautiful, and the physical properties of the printing & packaging carton index became the basis of its quality evaluation. Shenzhen cardboard-box factory stable work environment conditions to ensure the veracity and reliability of the test data, and has many years engaged in carton testing professional senior engineer, test analysis for printing & packaging & packaging, and suppliers of packaging boxes provide impartial, scientific test.
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