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Out of the corrugated carton printed version of the myth

by:WenJie     2020-03-30

error: one of the selection of plate material is blind

many without considering the actual situation of printing plate-making enterprise, such as printing & packaging machine model, paste version of the thickness of the adhesive tape, use the type of ink and so on, the herd blindly. Corrugated carton with plate, for example, many customers only know dupont very famous TDR type plate. TDR is a widely used corrugated paper print material, has excellent process performance, but resolution EXL/UXL a batch of thin version. In printing E corrugated and up to 120 line/inch image, should switch to EXL/UXL thin version, and sponge pad, such ability can obtain high resolution. At the same time, with the improvement of plate material hardness, still can reduce network expansion, and make the printing quality achieve excellent results.

myth # 2: prepress system configuration is not reasonable

because flexo dedicated software is expensive, not ordinary small and medium-sized plate company can afford, so the current domestic only a handful of overseas companies afford, while the vast majority of plate making manufacturers has carried on the localization of adjust measures to local conditions. In general, most of the small-scale plate making factory USES the platform scanner and digital camera for input devices, fix the computer USES the PC or apple G3, plus phototypesetter, plate machine as the output equipment. Due to the plate size limit, so many domestic manufacturers comply with offset printing plate making configuration, even use the lagging techniques, such as printing and photographic makes domestic corrugated box flexo printing technology has been in a state of low level, only as a substitute for hand carved rubber version, not into color corrugated carton printing, compared with foreign counterparts, we nearly 10 to 15 years behind The Times.

myth # 3: using offset printing film as final output film

yes, offset printing film with purchase convenient, economic, timely delivery and a series of advantages, and the process conditions are relatively mature. However, offset printing film have a fatal weakness: surface bright and clean.

photosensitive resin soft version in light of polymerization process can release a certain amount of oxygen ( Physical and chemical mechanism belongs to the scope of the patent and will not publicly) , only grind arenaceous film guide out oxygen can be smoothly, and make the film and plate remained should contact, transfer image accurately. Offset printing film, on the contrary, the surface is bright and clean, oxygen can not be successfully exported, lead to the gap between the film and the plate bigger, causes deformation, graphic images become coarse, fuzzy, etc. Some plate making operators and talcum powder were used, to some extent these problems, but also led to the decrease of the light transmittance at the same time, increased the fog degree of film.

myth # 4: plate maker design flaws

some plate maker of domestic manufacturers, in order to compete on prices, manufactured under the low price, its typical way is to copy the fluorescent lamp circuit design and USES the low price of domestic ordinary ultraviolet lamp. As a result of the fluorescent lamp circuit adopts direct start, the starter tubes start after flashing is bound to cause similar EXL/TDR back exposure to demand higher and back short exposure time and the back plate exposure is not uniform, resulting in uneven bottom base material photosensitive, the plate after the wash version, will get a surface wave shaped base.

the right thing to do is to choose the high quality of the uv light source, such as the VA - PHILIPS company R series, the starter ballasts for tubes with high quality, and on both ends of the filament and filament voltage (about 5 v It is very important) 。 In this way, to keep the filament, red state, exposure, only through the primary loop power supply, tubes can be started in a flash, and exposure to homogeneous state.

in this connection the PHILIPS lamp radiation energy can reach more than 160 mw/cm2, but ordinary lamp for only 40 mw/cm2, radiation energy difference between the 4 times, this means that, under the same exposure efficiency difference between the four times.

mistake # 5: misunderstanding exposure latitude

according to the standard international FTA, exposure latitude to make to the following provisions:

tolerance - = deadline Forming time

1, for corrugated carton plate ( 2. More than 84 mm) Stop when LMM.

2, for the thin version ( 2. Below 84 mm) Stop when LMM deep.

the greater the tolerance, the less sensitive plate exposure time of change. Some inferior before the network plate, Yin line has been filled, the exposure latitude is negative, namely: cannot bask in the network at the same time on the same plate with a Yin line effect.

some plate making excessive demands the depth of the embossing plate, will be too thin base, make the winner of the exposure time is too long, lost the depth of the Yin line.

mistake # 6: do not pay attention to keep the process of solvent fresh

every time the version, should right amount fresh wash version of the solvent, solvent to keep the photosensitive resin composition in not too much.

must not without solvent distillation of old as fresh solvent added fresh solvent pipeline. Otherwise, seems to be to save the cost, but considered as plate problems caused by the downtime and paper waste and accelerate the damage of plate maker, etc. , its can do more harm than good. There was a case in point, more than $10 worth of plate maker, caused by a lack of long-term supply of fresh solvent, block, brush agglomerate, spraying circulation and so on many faults in the machine and nearly caused plate maker scrap, to please the original French engineer to repair, to avoid more loss.

so, guarantee the supply of a certain amount of fresh solvent, not only can reduce the plate is tacky distention, and can improve the wash version of speed, and to prolong the life of washing machines, improve the quality of washing version.

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