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Ordinary ink and UV ink drying and curing of the relationship between

by:WenJie     2020-04-19
To analyze the ordinary ink and UV ink drying and curing of the relationship between then we must understand what is the difference between ordinary ink and UV ink, what is the principle of the drying and curing. Ordinary ink and UV ink, there is a difference between the first ordinary ink and UV ink system is different, and their drying curing process of physical and chemical process is also different, more obvious is drying and curing equipment are also different. We used the concept of dry for ordinary ink, described for UV ink, we use the concept of curing. Press press are now have a combination of drying and curing equipment, so we must want to know more about their principle of drying and curing. Principle: to dry ink dry vegetable oil as the connection material in air polarized polymerization, change the vegetable oil molecules form. And fixation on the surface of substrates and dry. The use of oil oxidation polymerization in the process of low molecular weight liquid into reticulate macromolecular solid is called the ink dry. With UV curing effect, high surface gloss, after drying the ink film strong, resistant to rub. UV light curing principle of UV ink, UV ink by UV radiation curing, UV ink curing the light of the need to add a small amount of initiator, the initiator and ultraviolet light under the joint action of polymerization reaction. Changing the molecular form makes the ink curing. This reaction is even less than a few seconds in a few seconds can be completed. Dry ink through the above introduction we know the general relationship with UV ink curing, so in the future to choose on the ink, or operation on the machine we also can be more professional to operate, there is no doubt that avoids a lot of trouble for us.
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