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Offset printing when water roll of intermittent halt the analysis of the causes of failure

by:WenJie     2020-03-31

water roller is one of the main components of the offset printing & packaging equipment, plays to the series water roller and control of water supply water supply the size of the important role in the event of failure or damage, will seriously affect the normal production of printing. Fault performance

water roll of intermittent stalling fault occurred in the third set of sink roll, when water roll spot equipments, bucket roll and measurement between roller can be produced for an instant speed difference, thereby the noise due to friction, when the equipment operate at a high speed in the process of the fault occurs, will produce white smoke

failure analysis and solution

although fault happens, books and periodicals printing by the method of shutdown restart, can make the fault eased temporarily, but also increases the damage of the roll of a vase. Therefore, must be fundamentally solved.

under the mode of fault diagnosis, the device and no error message, check the main electrical cabinet panel, water roll motor and wiring of digital printing in China, are no exception, when the third and the fourth unit of motor control lead after the swap, the fault is still there.

after careful observation, found that after the basin and stalling fault occurs in the clutch pressure roller under the condition of vibration is larger, the water roll motor without input current label, roll the mask in a vase on the left side of the exception safety switch contact position, when the safety switch short sub, bucket roll stalling fault won't happen again. This judgment, the fundamental cause of failure is: under the condition of the equipment to produce the strong vibration, safety switch touch point contact false printing & packaging accessories, lead to control circuit for voltage protection, causing water roller halt.

to adjust the contact position of the safety switch to normal position after the failure to resolve.

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