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Offset printing production, how to control the amount of powder

by:WenJie     2020-03-28

powder amount of control the printing quality not sticky dirty on the back shall prevail, corresponding to the amount of powder injection by different print Settings are different. In addition present situation and trend, in does not lead to print on the back of the sticky dirty phenomenon under the premise of powder quantity should try to adjust to get some small, so beneficial to coated, polishing, the smooth operation of the finishing process such as oil, thus reduce processing difficulty and rejection rate. Generally, ordinary four-color printing powder quantity value is 0. 3; 30%; Large field printing powder quantity value need to increase some; For the need for secondary printing printing & packaging quality after the printing process, powder spraying quantity value should as far as possible control in 0. 2; Less than 20%; Gold and silver cardboard printing, powder spraying quantity value need to control in 0. 6; More than 60%; ink is same, grey, white cardboard amount of powder should be larger than the amount of powder spraying white white cardboard.

there are three kinds of ordinary ink drying methods, namely oxidation conjunctival dry, penetrate the dry, dry and volatile and require after a certain time ( Generally for 4 ~ 8 hours) To thoroughly dry consumables, so pay special attention to avoid in the process of common printing ink sticky dirty. In the event of sticky dirty phenomenon, to increase the amount of powder to be timely adjustment, and through the small paper partial fan wind method, make the paper smooth implementation paper falls.

in addition, there is also a tips to check powder amount of EFI, dark (China soon Like black) Ink color group of water roll is raised, the rest of the group and keep away from the pressure of color, dark colored group alone version for printing. Due to the powder particles is white, so you can clearly see the size of the powder spraying, powder spraying mouth also can check whether there is congestion phenomenon. Four-color printing of newspapers, magazines, the certification, you can also use this method to check whether the text printing color set of rubber cloth is crushed, thus avoid the text is incomplete.

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