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Offset printing machine paper machine paper is analysis of the problem

by:WenJie     2020-03-30
Before and after the printing process as a result of offset printing machine, paper institutions about paper board, paper teeth, paper, improper brake adjustment, as well as the flatness, evenness of paper bad reasons, such as easy to cause offset press paper machine paper not neat, even for the paper appear Angle to print the mark, affect the product quality, and to trouble to transfer binding, sorting and statistics. Offset printing machine paper machine of paper quality requirement is: through pine, recycling, pile was flat, there can be no Angle, crushing loss and oil pollution sundry. semi-finished products, in particular, require the towing pin and bite, above and below position cannot reverse to avoid paper not neat, disorderly phenomena. Offset paper not neat there are several reasons to comprehensive inspection and comprehensive analysis, concrete operation targeted to solve. 1, around or before and after the paper baffle distance is too big, not suitable for printing paper width size, lead to paper. At this point, the regulation about or paper damper telescopic position, before and after with printing paper size to make it or can be a little older. In addition, if the paper machine of paper around baffle place wrong time, make the printing paper in the process of falling impeded, not smoothly into paper receiver station, can also cause paper not neat, should adjust good reason paper baffle control CAM position, make its setup time and paper teeth to put paper time coordinated, to deceive paper neatly. 2, chain type paper transmitter in the paper to grind teeth too early or too late, can't make the printing paper accurately into paper receiver station, also prone to paper not neat. At this time to the good paper grind teeth time zhang, to timely into the paper to paper. 3, the printing paper to escalate into into the paper receiver station, cause the paper. This is due to poor printing paper itself stress, on the other hand is due to inhalation of press brake wheel failure or inhale wheel suction is too small. Failure is inspiratory sniffing round round holes in the wall of the blocked, breathe in the wheel can use powder, dirt is clean, sniffing round suction is too small coke up its appropriate suction. 4 paper, printing & packaging paper into the station when curling down cause paper not neat, this is mainly due to the positive plate water too much, printing paper, which is caused when printing excessive moisture content criterion on the back, to the appropriate support plate layout of water, good grasp of the ink balance on the premise of not dirty version using the least amount of water, in order to reduce the bending deformation of paper. To avoid paper. 5, because the paper quality problems such as poor flatness, evenness, stay cause paper into the paper receiver station on the volume, to become warped, bow, the phenomenon such as wrinkling, falbala, leading to paper. Before the printing for the poor quality of the paper to be seriously dry wet processing, hanging hanging to into the warehouse or offset printing workshop after stacking haulms a period of time, the paper crib on board, pressure on weight ( Large stones, iron plate, etc. ) , so that it is flat and level, computer paper to knock, processing, to increase the stress of the paper. 6, printing if the paper is too thin, often prone to paper. Due to the wide offset printing paper usually larger ( In the four paper above) , need water embellish version at the same time, the paper is too thin, Such as 35 g/m2, 28 grams per square meter) From the impression cylinder and rubber roller between after again, water is passed on to the paper by the rubber cloth, paper will appear soft and no stress, are difficult to neat paper, so the gelatine printing paper zhang you'd better keep in 52 grams/square meters, in order to ensure paper deceive paper neatly. 7, workshop relative humidity is too low, too little paper moisture, prone to static electricity, so that paper between the suction and paper. In this case, the available electrostatic eliminator eliminate static electricity, or to improve the workshop of relative humidity, especially in winter the weather is dry, conditional word, can use humidifier for wet processing workshop. And, less offset printing workshop to open the window, the window to seal, can be in the workshop of wet spraying water to the ground.
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