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Offset printing ink color change and cleaning method

by:WenJie     2020-04-09

in the offset printing & packaging process, especially the monochromatic offset press, no matter Y, M, C, BK four-color printing, or trademarks, printing & packaging & packaging decoration often need to wash the ink color change, often lose the ink system for cleaning of the offset press, and then change the ink. Wash ink ink scraper device is made up of rubber knife, the ink tank, adjusting screw tight pine.

process: wash ink in ink roller on gasoline and car wash water, install the ink scraper in the position of the wash ink tank, tighten the adjusting screw, the rubber knife is 40 & deg; Angle corresponding to the offset press series ink roller surface contact, string of ink roller longitudinal and lateral movement, will lose the old ink ink system and gasoline continuously through the rubber knife blow wash ink inside the tank.

wash wash clean thoroughly the ink color change, plays a vital role for printing & packaging color accurately, through the wash ink printing quality to hue is, bright inky accurately, wash the ink color change in the actual operation process should pay attention to the following:

1. Wash ink ink scraper device, must be in the wash ink color change, or due to other factors need to clean the ink roller to install it on the offset press, when installation will collect at the ends of the ink tank eccentric pin shelved in a fixed on the offset machine wallboard of supporting shaft open slot, the adjusting nut fixed on the wall of the opening of the iron. Then start the offset press, and twisted adjusting nut, rubber plastic knife blade slowly to string of ink roller surface contact, about even, adjusting screw on both ends of the contact pressure of rubber knife and string of ink roller contact the every part of, can fully scrape ink.

2。 When washing the ink, in order to thoroughly clean to remove all ink roller JiMo and ink marks, best from losing the ink upper part, near the ink fountain area poured gasoline, ink roller, cleaning and waste ink and from the upper rubber edge into the ink box, after a period of cleaning, can make the ink roller clean.

3。 Ink components of ink roller and ink fountain after clean, to wipe clean, use a clean, soft, clean without fiber villi and water absorption performance good cloth to clean.

4。 Clean wash ink institutions ink scraper installation location accuracy, the rubber blades with string equal to the distance between the surface of the ink roller contact pressure and the same.

5。 After clean, wipe cloth to wipe brush speed is faster, offset printing presses in operation case don't let the wiper involved in ink roller.

6。 Wash ink color change requires the operator from the upper part of the ink roll casting and gasoline, to maintain uniform right amount, not make gasoline rained down.

7。 No smoking and open flame, workshop to prevent fire when you wash the ink color change.

8。 Offset printing machine running condition, scrubbed the ink roller must pay attention to safety.

1. Beware of coat cuff, hands and skirts, was engulfed by the ink roll or roller, cause harm to human body.

(2) the operator coat overalls pocket is prohibited to carry the box feet, keys, COINS, pencils, pens, and other hard objects and ink shovel and repairing machine tools, etc. , to prevent their falling into the ink roller and cause accidents.

9。 Wash ink change in general there are two situations, one is light color ink into the dark ink, and another is brunet with light color ink ink.

(1) light color ink in dark ink method

light color ink for dark ink becomes easier, for ink roller cleaning and corresponding time and manpower. Must first ink shovel to ink fountain light color ink shovel out, as long as use light color ink on the ink roller ink scraper is clean, and clean up the legacy of ink in ink roller paper skin, hair and other debris.

(2) the brunet with light color ink

offset printing ink color change, brunet with light color ink, ink for ink roller cleaning requirements at this time is higher, when cleaning, it is difficult to ink roller cleaning degree is higher, it requires that the light color ink cannot be dirty by the dark ink, if clear ink roller on the old ink is not completely clean will influence the color hue and inaccurate, light color ink will be in the shadow of the dark ink, therefore, must to the ink fountain roller, ink, ink shovel washed clean, such as ink shovel again to discuss about the color coating on the ink roller, start offset press, let are uniform light color ink stick, ink roll and then pour gasoline cleaning off. If not clean, can repeat, until the ink roller clean.

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