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Offset lithography in how to solve the problem of paper telescopic lead to misregister, etc

by:WenJie     2020-04-13

the paper is a kind of containing variability of plant fibre material, it has the function of moisture absorption, Buddhism wet when the moisture in the air in the constantly changing, it will be and the humidity balance adjustment. When air humidity is higher than the paper by water, it will absorb the moisture in the air and expansion elongation; Shorter and vice would release moisture and shrinkage, wet with the environment in order to achieve the relative balance of the Lord.

offset lithography is the use of oil and water the principle of mutual combination for printing. So, about zhang usually elongation after printing, shorter and shrinkage is rare, to eliminate such failure, small make up on the printing process were discussed, give you a reference:

1. As far as possible when printing adopts horizontal wire strands. Paper has a horizontal wire strands and longitudinal silk strands. In the process of paper writing, in part due to the pulp ( Plant fiber) Is a vertical flow to move around the screen, the fiber by sudden acceleration, mostly along the movement direction of the line network links up, formed and what we call the silk strands. The plant fiber paper are hollow translucent tubes, we can vividly said: long main direction of the fiber itself is what we call the vertical wire strands, and fiber and fiber gap direction for the horizontal wire strands.

the experimental results show that the cohesion of the fiber itself is greater than the binding force between the fiber ( Mainly hydrogen bonding force) 。 After the paper to be affected with damp be affected with damp, the direction of the vertical wire strand scale smaller than the direction of the horizontal wire strands of telescopic, both roughly 1:2. Therefore, overprint comparison table it products must consider its paper deformation relations of vertical and horizontal wire strands. So, in the printing, paper of longitudinal silk strand direction parallel to the drum shaft, and batch of printing paper with the direction of silk strands will remain consistent.

2。 Overprint water ( Commonly known as the pressure of water) 。 In the case of printing paper is not so good to master, in order to prevent paper elongation in the printing, can be used to overprint a fang wang qingshui, adapt paper printing & packaging requirements, and then start the printing color, the ways to solve misregister have certain effect.

3。 Control the printing & packaging surface moisture. Print the moisture. Print the size of water is the key to control paper scaling factors, layout of water through like leather cloth is passed to the paper, the layout of moisture, the greater the scale the greater. And layout of water control as small as possible, especially pay attention to 80 grams of offset paper printing.

4。 Using the edition machine spin printing blocks. General monochrome machine in the third, four-color printing process, two-color machine in the printing process, the paper has extended to the picture on the larger situation, cause misregister. This is because the PS plate has good ductility, can be used in a stretched version machine, make the plate image with the image on the paper elongation and make the overprint accurate equilibrium.

most of the domestic small and medium-sized printing enterprise, usually without air conditioning, most of the way is to sprinkle some water around the machine, to increase the humidity of the air. For the dot product of printing requirements is not high, can use spray cone directly toward the edge after sprinkling computer printing & packaging paper; For workshop air humidity is big, had better use plastic cover to cover, cut paper longer in case of be affected with damp be affected with damp; If is basked in secondary printing, you can borrow version line method is used to make up for the scalability of the image.

all in all, to solve the paper telescopic lead to misregister processing method has a lot of, as long as to strengthen the printing process and management is discussed, and generally can be resolved.

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