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Offset, gravure and flexo printing way is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-03-31
Offset printing offset printing base material is mainly used for paper printing. On the plastic film printing has many limitations. Sheet-fed offset press printing format can change, more flexible. Currently the vast majority of web offset press printing format is fixed. Their application limitations. The development of technology, web offset press is also in constant improvement. Has now developed to change the web offset press printing format. At the same time developed seamless web offset press roller. This web offset press printing & packaging roller is seamless, and in this respect have web gravure press the same. Offset press also continue to improve on the printing function. After the improvement and add some parts, can printing corrugated board. By adding UV drying devices and the improvement, the can printing UV calendar. Expanding the improved offset printing machine used in the field of packaging and printing & packaging. Offset printing using water-based ink will soon enter the actual application. Offset printing is a step here. Gravure gravure, inky full have stereo feeling, in various ways to printing, the printing quality is the best. And the printing quality is stable. Plate long service life. Suitable for large quantities of a large number of printing. Gravure printing to a very thin material, such as plastic film. But the gravure plate making complex price is high, its contain benzene ink environmental pollution. The two problems affecting the development of the gravure. Especially large Numbers of a large amount of calendar, short version of the requirements of low prices up at the same time, make the gravure losing market. Flexo flexo main advantage is: 1, the equipment has simple structure, easy to form a production line. In offset printing, concave, three of the flexo printing equipment flexo machine is the most simple structure. Therefore, flexo machine is relatively low, the price of printing enterprise less equipment investment. At the same time, because of its simple equipment, the use of convenient operation, easy maintenance. At present, the vast majority of flexo printing machine, and such as tangking, polishing, cutting, slitting, die-cutting, indentation, drilling, open a window, such as processing on-line, forming production line. Greatly improve the labor productivity. 2, application scope and substrates. Flexo can use all of the printing house some print and substrates. Especially in a unique feature of the corrugated paper packaging printing printing. 3, use water-based ink. Offset printing, gravure, flexo printing way, only the currently widely used water-based flexo ink. Non-toxic pollution-free, which is good for the protection of the environment, especially suitable for printing & packaging & packaging and printing. 4, the cost is low. Flexo low cost in a foreign country has formed broad consensus.
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