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Nowadays, carton customized customer care is the problem?

by:WenJie     2020-09-02

recently the weather is changeable, sichuan night raids, a village in guangdong also often encountered rain cats and dogs. The rainy weather, we need to do a good job of protective printing & packaging & packaging. Carton customized customer concern is waterproof performance. This is our transport printing & packaging industry said not over of topic, more customers use plastic packing, in order to avoid the rain weather caused great loss for transport. Who knew that accident that day will appear? So z large extent on the implementation of protection measures to the packing of the product transportation would be to than the first. Paper packaging customization to cope with the rainy weather, waterproof measures have done is quite serious. For example, a class of products that are three layers in the three layers of printing & packaging & packaging to the customer.

for custom packaging, in the case of the general in the pouring rain, the weather is not effective waterproof. Traditional carton manufacturing used in the ordinary kraft paper, this kind of carton will soften after the rain, so the cartons stacked will cause collapse. If there is no internal waterproof packing, will invade wet and damaged products. For example, food/clothing/bags/shoes mould contamination, household appliances/digital products such as short circuit, leakage, etc. If in general use uv printing on the cartons/membrane or do waterproof membrane, it can prevent the carton on the surface of a small amount of water, can only do it slow carton collapse of soft, do not completely waterproof, because we can tell by the structure of the carton, carton is needed after the paperboard coated cutting, incision of products while in the later will pass glue box, but still do not have a strong waterproof performance.

waterproof hydrophobic corrugated carton, corrugated carton custom is the common way, the two types one is on the principle of hydrophobic material, one is to use external waterproofing coating waterproof material to achieve. If costs allows, still can use aluminum plating film kraft paper or corrugated paper add water resistant agent production carton, these all have high waterproof, although on the cost is high, and some businesses in heavy use.

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