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Note the UV offset printing ink preset

by:WenJie     2020-03-28
The UV offset printing ink preset is not a place somehow & throughout; The printing & packaging tools. The UV offset printing ink is prepared according to the mathematical simulation method, through a certain algorithm described prepress layout of digital image information key information into ink printing. This needs to be partitioned the UV offset printing ink coverage key numerical correction arithmetic, ink, the ink fountain roller speed correction process, such as, all these processes are under the control of the standard mathematical formula for the printing market. To the understanding of the UV offset printing ink preset technology is helpful to the correct use of printing & packaging tools. Since the UV offset printing ink preset provides accurate information about the amount of ink and adjust in advance, since the printer has a good ink balance, can we don't need printing in the operator to adjust? Since the printing press is a MoNiHua equipment, its actual amount need to ink printing always changes as the change of related environmental factors, such as raw materials, temperature and humidity, such as printing machine adjustment equipment supplies. By the standards of the mathematical algorithm corresponding to a MoNiHua equipment, it is impossible to put these variables corresponding printing union completely. In addition, the printer's ink to distinguish the principle and characteristics of motion of the ink roller area, determines the UV offset printing ink supply and its corresponding parts of the UV offset printing ink coverage is not completely corresponding, such as two adjacent ink area ink key opening difference is not too large, otherwise it will restrict each other; Such as the ink fountain roller speed given associated with the current printer status, raw material characteristics, it is more of a experience numerical printing tools. All of these, made from UV offset printing ink coverage to the ink key opening the conversion relationship could not be absolutely accurate, general operation of the UV offset printing ink coverage and the accuracy of the actual amount of ink key only 40%, to about 80% after correction of printing technology. The remaining 20% need according to the state press and layout of the amended after or before starting the boot for technological equipment. It should be said that the 20% correction, is still on the adjustment of the layout of ink, it will still affect the printer's ink balance equipment supplies. After UV offset printing ink preset only improves the speed of the ink balance, reduce the difficulty of the balance of ink, but not no longer need to watch the central printing & packaging ink state of equilibrium. In addition, UV offset printing ink presets can be understood as containing pre & throughout; And throughout the &; Two process, pre & throughout; Refers to can according to the layout of the information in advance before turning to accurate press ink key Settings, this process needs a prepress data to support operations, ink quantity computation and correction software, get relative information of ink before boot, roughly equivalent to a CIP3 technology CIP3 export software and printer CIP3UV workstation offset printing ink preset work supplies market. The UV offset printing ink preset Settings & throughout; Is based on the above information to automatic or manual adjustment of the ink keys, the import amount is roughly equivalent to the ink preset information is the process of data interface of ink, or artificial adjusting equipment supplies in accordance with the above information. Visible, the concept of the UV offset printing ink preset on pre & throughout; For printer to provide advance and accurate adjustment of support is the core of the UV offset printing ink preset technology supplies market. The UV offset printing ink preset Settings & throughout; Is the ability of the printer data interface requirements, there is no data interface of the printer, is completely can be done by manual adjustment in the middle of the printing.
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