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Not absorbent material printing surface characteristics of the processing method is analysed

by:WenJie     2020-04-03

in the field of special printing & packaging, plastic class was printed material cannot be directly printed, after surface treatment, will be printed material surface after polarization and surface roughness, and ink can be well attached to the surface, the surface modification technology has been established, however, its application scope and scale in recent 10 years are significant growth. Most of this growth is attributable to the rapid and reliable treatment technology development and spread on the surface properties. These methods include chemical, photochemical and high-energy physics to improve the polymer surface. Chemical methods including such as halide, addition, etching and oxidation reaction. Photochemical methods including such as oxidizing and non oxidizing solution, halide, and light the surface of the grafting reaction. Physical methods including corona discharge, plasma, electron and ion beam processing, etc. This article introduces corona treatment, ultraviolet radiation treatment and ion plasma treatment and so on.

▼ corona treatment

corona treatment principle is the use of electrostatic discharge ( 静电放电) Ways to improve the coating adhesion of plastic film, solve polypropylene or polyethylene film problems caused by adhesion of printing & packaging. In addition, the film surface moisture and high solid radiation curing ink ( 高固体辐射cumable墨水) Will result in the increase of the surface energy, such as PVC and polyester are belong to this kind of film. General film take pretreatment including: burn treatment, corona treatment or improve the adhesion of the coating operations.

corona treatment system include: generator ( 发电机) , high voltage transformer ( High voltage transformer and processing machine ( 把机器) 。 The processing machine is basically a capacitor ( 电容器) , handle material is placed between the electrodes, gradually increase the voltage until achieve the goal of corona treatment. Therefore, corona treatment can increase the surface oxidation, prompting the chemical bond rupture and cause more hydroxyl group ( 羟基) And carbon group ( 羰基债券) And peroxide hydrogen bond, the film surface will change the coarsening ( rougheng) , the lower the surface contamination.

plastic film is usually placed in the roller ( 辊) Between, and to give dual polarity material processing, and through the electrode and electrode surface from a few centimeters. Corona treatment as time is reduced, the influence factors include: temperature rising, 升高温度) And humidity ( 湿度) . Besides, there are also after coating to reduce surface energy and improve the smoothness of additives, therefore, corona treatment to avoid rabbit block and surface can increase the impact of loose coil and winding.

corona processing all kinds of changes and the reports used in film, the applicable scope is polypropylene and low surface energy plastic, when the air interval up to 5 omm, the voltage is 5600 okhz, so, to control the corona discharge.

▼ uv processing

uv processing usually applies to the automobile industry in the production of polypropylene buffer burning treatment, its processing method is divided into two stages: the first buffer is coated with a layer of primer spraying way ( primer) , make them form a layer of 3 ~ 5 um film. The bottom glue mainly xylene ( 苯甲酮) Polymer (or oxidation 氯化聚合物) , its aim is to add to the surface and to improve the properties of polypropylene so the primer coating evenly on plastic can achieve prevent ultraviolet light, therefore, is suitable for the coating on the buffer.

▼ ion plasma processing

recently ion plasma processing method is highly valued, the method can improve adhesion on the surface of the plastic film and improve its physical properties, such as wear resistance, wearresistance) , to reduce the gas permeability ( gas permeability) 。 Ion plasma method is better than cold ( 冷) Or the balance ( 非 equilibrium) The low pressure vacuum chamber ( lowpressurevacuum室) Ion plasma generated by voltage and cold ions in plasma are usually used in electronic industry, such as: circuit resistance, melt and shielding photons and clean interface, so, can be coated with insulating paint ( 隔热涂料) 。 Under such equipment compared with before treatment equipment is quite expensive, so the scope of this method are limited, and it has the advantage of clean engineering ( 清洁) , only a few of volatile organic compounds ( VOCs) Is generated. However, this method can make plastic film surface produce high surface energy and reactive, in addition, it also has the function of regeneration, this method can also provide electronic applications very good then ( 结合) And synthetic compounds ( 灌封化合物) 。

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