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Move the cartons where to buy

by:WenJie     2020-09-21

when we move people, usually applied to paper box, convenient to store and transport, so move cartons with where to buy? Today we will follow a cardboard-box factory in shenzhen to get to know.

move the carton was and usually doesn't look too big difference, it should be said that there would be no difference, because it is to be moved, it is called a moving carton, the carton had many places to be able to purchase that, for example a cardboard-box factory and was able to go to the factory wholesale, also is to directly purchase online, but if the cartons of quantitative is not very big, the cardboard-box factory usually will not pick up this order, there will be a cardboard-box factory minimum order quantity.

the cartons if only move use carton, originally can directly online order, small quantity also never mind, just like the scale of the carton are fixed and the raw material, can't be tailored, but it doesn't matter, just moving with carton! Larger dot effect can be ignored when moving to want to be able to easily handle stuff is still needs to move the cartons to fix, have to move the cartons whether for the work of the furniture is still large and small debris, move is very short!

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