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More than 3 c digital packaging printing white leakage problem, how to suit the remedy to the case?

by:WenJie     2020-08-31

3 c digital printing & packaging printing leakage white edge refers to some paper in the process of color printing printing white lace, to present the printed pattern of pinhole leak in the middle of false, paper white and so on. Different reasons of leakage white is different. The crux of kinds, so here we provide some methods for your reference, hope to help everyone to suit the remedy to the case.

1, the first detection of printing board thickness value, then check the cardboard from the paper feed unit after the cardboard thickness value, whether the cardboard has been feeding wheel crushing. If the crushing first solve the problem of cardboard crushing, paper gap is the thickness of the cardboard - 0. 3mm。

the paper reasons phenomenon of printing the thief is mainly manifested in the deinking 3 c digital printing & packaging and printing design. Color piece thief phenomenon is mainly embodied in the middle part of the paper the thief is serious, because of the poor paper absorbency of ink cannot penetrate into the paper, ink, float on the surface of the paper, as long as with the hand rub found ink have falls off phenomenon.

if this kind of situation, don't add printing pressure and pressure, to keep from ink, increasing resin content and penetrating agent in the ink. This method of solution is more effective than other methods.

2, the above is correct to add printing & packaging pressure value, pressure value should not be too big, too prone to print since, printing wear speed slow.

printing pressure less than the thief to low pressure phenomenon and the version in the same way, but there is a very significant difference between the two, is printing digital 3 c printing & packaging design on the cardboard bump phenomenon, there are enough amount of ink on print. This kind of phenomenon of thief solution is to adjust their pressure to the appropriate location, can directly improve the phenomenon of printing the thief.

3, check whether the print pressure is normal, can view the amount of ink printing surface whether there is enough. Print hardness field fit in 34 - 36 degrees.

3 c digital version packing pressure ( The pressure) Insufficient pressure thief ( pressure cylinder, and anilox roll) : mainly embodied in the printing surface is not complete, marginal smooth printing design, and printing design on the cardboard indentation of imprinting, as long as the printing with fingerprint thief place can be found here the cardboard with concave and convex feeling, in the event of this phenomenon is that low pressure version. If separate printing unit, check the printed page, the columns of the insufficient amount of ink that is print pressure, printing & packaging the thief phenomenon. General printing thief area will be more big. The above solution.

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