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Many methods how to improve the efficiency of the printing press

by:WenJie     2020-03-29
One is the increase of the equipment, the fundamental principle to reduce printing machine the machine time is our one of the most effective way to improve the efficiency of the printing press. If we do 20 orders every printing press every day, every time in a single time in 20 minutes, then each printing press should change single downtime is as high as 400 minutes a day. If you can do it in single only 10 minutes, directly to save the time 200 minutes, 50% efficiency directly. If you want to do this, you need to prepare before we reasonably arrange from print to the scene debugging, personnel division of labor and a series of work. Only by making equipment machine can achieve efficiency 50% increased target! How to do? Second, the good preparation before printing, get twice the result with half the effort in the prepress preparation under the first to talk about the need to pay attention to details of control. We need to do to prepare for before printing? How to keep in place? 1, preparation, printing ink needed for ink, check the PH value, viscosity, color ink up to the standard. For PH value control of printing paper adsorption force, especially outlets to superimpose the most outstanding. If you PH adjustment is a red PH value is set to 9 before and behind the PH value is set to 8 dieyin the color blue, that superimpose result is red, the blue cover dieyin the effect will be poor. The same viscosity is one of the most key factor to control printing quality, high viscosity will be printed not clear, the phenomenon such as deinking, so be sure to test. Do not check hue, inking found it again after cleaning, ink will lose 2 kg ink and spend at least 15 minutes for the ink. Check after the printing production schedule, arrange personnel to bring the day you need to use the ink and placed in the workshop. Computer before mixing ink and inking production cycles. 2, prepare the printer need print on our computer often appear in the process of printing plate and found wrong print or find print abrasion conditions lead to can't print, resulting in the change of single downtime. Waste can lead to 30 minutes of downtime and clean the ink waste at least is 2 - every time 4 kg of ink. How to overcome this kind of situation happen? ( 1) Personnel according to the production scheduling order take print edition room, sent to the printer. ( 2) Version with staff to print on the basis of testing first, such as text is correct. ( 3) Check whether the layout is stained or wear, etc. , then sent to the machine and check the printing plate number is correct. 3, board preparation in the process of printing & packaging, computer print, printing ink, found no out board, causes the machine in single wash ink, this kind of thing happen from time to time. The following advice for your reference, can be used to prevent the occurrence of similar problems. 1, first check to see if the board has been produced, avoiding the phenomenon of plate etc. Hang up but not cardboard printing. 2, according to production schedule, required in the production of cardboard sort. Conclusion: the above three aspects, such as can do it, we live down time will be reduced by 20%. Only good control on the details, will gradually promote efficiency of printing & packaging machine. Three, synchronous management task, promote efficiency of 50% printing enterprise inside and outside to improve the efficiency of printing, China printing & packaging experts believe is that the best way to improve record we now work: record all adjustable motor and can be divided into internal and external tasks, as far as possible to the internal task into external tasks, and the time required to reduce the external mission. 1. Internal task task must be performed under equipment locked activities: such as in print, forward adjust position, such as machine must stop action. How do we finish inside the task ahead of time? Usually a device, four for 1 for deputy captain 2, 3, 4. ( 1) We often found that the end of a list, the staff all don't know what to do, is in the waiting or captain commands. So we need to reduce the cohesion of the single after downtime before open the machine, so as to shorten the preparation time. ( 2) After the single equipment to stop our employees often find tools and repeatedly, do repetitive movements. We must to cut on the machine, 1, 2, 3 employees in and out of the machine tool time repeatedly, reduce duplication of the time was reduced. ( 3) Regular operations, is usually put on a single printing has been completed, the former version of the ink wash a list to find the print, this link will waste 1 - 2 minutes. Is the right thing should be ready in advance to replace plate, packing and printing ink, placed on the need to change the printing unit. So you can save the time of 2 minutes. ( 4) Adjust the next work order process parameters is very important, should undertake adjustment according to the data on the process card record, put an end to computer and then to adjust. The concrete operation standard to view a commissioning related WeChat. ( 5) press is a team work team, when a job is no finish internal matters, other personnel should actively go from production, concentrated manpower to complete the internal events, conclusion: according to the above operation can save 4 - roughly 5 minutes, 20 list also has saved 100 minutes a day time, improve the efficiency of 20%. 2. External tasks external task is in the process of equipment production carton can perform activities: print, ink or ink on work matters. That we how to shorten the external time? 1, on a single ended, we should clean up into the paper department and began to adjust quickly, away on a single print, adjust the tray stacking machine preparation. 2, we need to make the most of employees do 4 external events. Only reasonable arrangement of the staff's working process, can reduce the waiting time. Conclusion: 50% want to improve efficiency of printing, we need to meet the actual demand by site operation and validation. Can draw lessons from one of the ways is to use the camera actual filming, and then discussed and improved. After a 2 - Three discuss improvement, can save a lot of time.
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