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Manufacture of carton packaging need what technology

by:WenJie     2020-09-10
Shenzhen cardboard-box factory carton is roughly divided into two categories, one kind is the nail or paste the full carton, carton form for mating type. Another kind is need to offer only after the printing & packaging and die cutting process of plate, called a machine box in the industry. 1, in the process of carton printing & packaging & packaging to complete a few movements is the key point, to focus on the carton or plate after into packing line is smooth, cannot have card blocking phenomenon. So the carton printing & packaging must be further production line, together with user participation debugging, found the problem improving design to solve the problem immediately. 2, in addition to the size of the set is always keep consistency, carton pressure is an important part of automatic printing & packaging & packaging line is done by many mechanical device, the manipulator and line pressing if not in place or not enough depth, make the cartons cannot molding or does not reach the designated position, will cause the failure of packing action, serious jam and stop line. Especially carton roll cover because the automatic line package is usually use hot melt glue to glue forming, if press line could not reach the requirements of automatic packaging line, molding does not reach the designated position and make the glue bad, serious production package materil pass the production line.
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