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Mango custom box, packaging solutions

by:WenJie     2020-09-01

mango tree in India and Thailand buddhist temple is very common, there are a lot of mango in Thailand, the mango, in addition to the local consumption, more is made all sorts of mango snacks or food export or sales. We in guangdong, guangxi, hainan, sichuan, fujian, yunnan, Taiwan and other regions also plant more mango. For the packing of the mango familiar with everyone. Main packaging gift box suitcase, plastic boxes, etc. The current sales of whole fruit materials used most for corrugated carton packaging cartons. Retail is more plastic box in the form of tots.

packing gift box for mango in 3 - custom requirements In may, because in 5 - mango ripening stage In July, sales season now. Of course in terms of ordinary mango, high quality of mango sales package are exquisite. Relatively general packing box, mango, packaging gift box look more attractive. For example:

mango packaged gift custom also be requirements on materials of respiratory, choose good material and box type is advantageous to the preservation of mango, able to lock its nutrients. At the same time, breathable packaging make mango taste more sweet. In order to make mango best-selling and can make consumers to sales of mango have high evaluation. At the request of the mango packaging design has a lot of. printing & packaging combined with corporate image features, for example, is just like a local products printing & packaging & packaging, in combination with local characteristics and cultural and natural conditions factors such as green and healthy packaging design. This is more advantageous to consumers favor and trust products.

mango color in the design of packing box more outstanding is the use of metal color, the color will help to enhance the light and shadow, space and rich level changes. Gold silver reflective and sharp characteristics in different angles and different light shadow, show different color effect, the proper use can enhance the quality of goods. Sharp light can reflect the commodity packaging is luxuriant, precious, active impression. Pure refining and use no color, help strengthen the commodity characteristics, to improve the quality and grade of products, enhance the goods time feeling and personality charm.

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