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Low gram roughness on the surface of the corrugated paper board and how to do to ensure board?

by:WenJie     2020-04-02
In China, the paper g more and more light, the surface of the corrugated board often appear uneven phenomenon, this will seriously affect the quality of printing & packaging. So, how should do to guarantee roughness on the surface of the cardboard? Corrugated board surface uneven, and ribs are similar, actually is a concave and convex feeling. Generally people will think this is caused by the tension problem. In fact, the tension is important, also is only part of the cause of the problem, and paste on the quantity is the most important thing. Paste volume control, to ensure the ability of flatness. Paste on: in the corrugated board production line, general paste machine paste roller mesh than single tile machine. Net mesh hole, the greater the number of the lower, so the paste is, the greater the amount of the paste volume increase will cause. When the paste volume increase, low gram weight of paper will shrink, has formed the pit phenomenon, resulting in cardboard surface uneven phenomenon. So you can paste volume by increasing number of mesh to reduce, can also eliminate the corrugated board surface uneven phenomenon. In general, cardboard appear uneven phenomenon, to see the paste volume and surface tension is reasonable. Other overlooked aspects, of course, also can cause this problem, so should from set out actually, when out problems so as to formulate the corresponding improvement countermeasures.
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