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Love the color color calibration and management ColorTRUE free applications

by:WenJie     2020-04-18

the grand rapids, Michigan on March 17, 2014 - Global color management, measurement and communication technology leader love color co. , LTD. , today announced the launch to Apple iOS and Google Android platform ColorTRUE™ 。 ColorTRUE for photographers, designers, and prepress professionals provides the tablet computers and mobile devices for color calibration and management ability, in order to realize accurate matching color. Includes tools and image library to create the configuration file viewer ColorTRUE, currently available from Apple® 应用商店和Google® Play Store free download.

ColorTRUE color calibration

ColorTRUE use support love color measurement equipment, for the iOS and Android mobile devices to create custom display color description files. User just after prompted the connected device on the tablet or cell phone, measuring process starts automatically. Color description files applied to library by ColorTRUE image shows all of the images, to provide users with desktop reference display ( Or other implementation of color management display) The most accurate matching color.

love lubricious li product manager Steve Rankin comments: although the iOS and Android devices from the moment of opening that provide a pleasant colors, but ColorTRUE is the first to photographers, designers, and prepress professionals provide from desktop to mobile devices really colour matching application. With the growing importance of tablets in imaging workflow, now on the mobile device for accurate color and also vital on the desktop. Whether you are in show your collection or to the customer before the final batch of images of soft proofing, ColorTRUE color can to love her customers with their expected high standards of accurate color, and at the same time to ensure the speed and ease of use in mobile environment. ”

ColorTRUE image library

ColorTRUE is the only mobile application color management, provides the library image viewer with a set of unique tools, user to view the image color accuracy reached the highest level:

& bull; The ambient light & ndash; ColorTRUE can adapt to any environment view condition, ensure that under any lighting condition and the display brightness Settings can correctly display the image.

• Print simulation & ndash; Can use different printer configuration files and color space conversion mode to preview or soft proofing image

& bull; White & ndash; Will match the tablet and desktop & ndash; To make sure that you in the tablet and desktop evaluation is on the same image, ColorTRUE let you be in D65, D50 and native white choice between

& bull; The ICC profile & ndash; Using the embedded image configuration file or you can manually choose the right job for the image color space ( sRGB AdobeRGB仍然ProPhotoRGB)仍然

• Compared before and after the calibration & ndash; In calibration switch between open and closed, in order to check the accuracy of image color improvement

ColorattiGeorgeJardine, color by love li was the first to provide such a simple mobile calibration solution, and effective, reasonable! ColorTRUE gave me full confidence, let me know on the saw is fully comparable with the professional i1Display alignment and color management after the desktop display of color correction. And best of all. 。 。 ColorTRUE can I use the existing hardware. ”

ColorTRUE Aware partnership project

at the same time of launch ColorTRUE, love lubricious li also announced ColorTRUE Aware partnership project. Different from a laptop or a desktop operating system, iOS and Android operating system does not have a range of color management function of the whole system. This means that each application must be independent application color configuration file. Love color li will soon release software developers kit, SDK) , let the third party application developers can access ColorTRUE configuration files, so they can in their own applications seamless realization of color management. ColorTRUE users can be sure that as long as see ColorTRUE Aware logo, is any third party applications ( Such as image editing or viewing, online production of ratification, and even prove originality of the concept of sketch) The color management. For more details, please visit the xritephoto. com/colortrueSDK。

love lubricious li product manager Steve Rankin said: with tablet computers and mobile devices more and more involved in the working process of the color and image, therefore the equipment to realize the accurate color really has been an unprecedented importance. Through ColorTRUE and ColorTRUE Aware partnership project, love lubricious li now provide iOS and Android platform of color management component. Our goal is to let application developers have more strength, help to create a color management application ecosystem. We encourage all color plays an important role to the user's application developers to contact with us, to learn more about our ColorTRUE Aware partnership project. ”

support love lubricious li devices

ColorTRUE® Love color measurement equipment (calibration process need to use Sold separately) 。 IOS mobile phones and tablets support ColorMunki Smile, ColorMunki Display, i1Display Pro and i1Pro2, and Android phones and tablets support ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro. Please visit the xritephoto. Com/colortrue see the full list of specifications.

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