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Logistics transportation corrugated carton testing standards have?

by:WenJie     2020-09-06
Logistics transportation corrugated carton printing & packaging test relationships with product packaging logistics transport security, so must be strictly to ensure the safety of customer's product requirements. So what are the specific standard? Strict enforcement of corrugated paper standard is engaged in the production and sale of authority on the basis of quality and security credentials. Corrugated paper related testing standard main content has four aspects, namely, corrugated base paper, cardboard, corrugated board and corrugated carton of all technical indexes prescribed in the standard, this is our strong requirements for inspection and test items. Specific include: corrugated base paper standard: GB - 13023 91 main test items include: quantitative, tightness, horizontal ring crush strength index, longitudinal fracture length and moisture, etc.

(box board Ordinary cardboard, kraft liner board and liner board. )

standard: GB/T 13024 - 2003 main test items include: quantitative, thickness and tightness, burst index, horizontal ring crush index, horizontal folding strength, water absorption, water resistant, etc. Corrugated board standard: GB/T 6544 - 1999 main test items include: corrugated board thickness, marginal pressure strength, bond strength, burst strength and puncture strength and moisture, etc. Corrugated carton standard: GB - 6543 Main test items include: 86 carton compressive strength, impact resistance strength and reproduced strength.

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