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Lithographic 'bar' in the cause and the solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-13
In flat printing field, the article in the bar & throughout; Ask is a very common, and it is difficult to solve this issue. In a bar & throughout; This problem involves the machinery, printing and processing craft, the operator's operation, the selection of materials, and so on several factors. In terms of current technology, impossible to put an end to a bar in printing & packaging & throughout; That only by improving the technology and operation process to minimize, reduce the bar & throughout; Production. 1. Meshing gear side clearance is too large (1) drum center distance adjustment caused by lateral clearance is too large offset press drum gear is basically adopt bevel gear meshing, the gear transmission exchange coefficient is big, the meshing clearance space is small, to reduce the impact and press in the transmission of vibration, maintain the stability and accuracy of the printing. Practice, drum gear meshing clearance with the different thickness of paper printing adjustment and transformation, the thicker the paper, the center distance adjustment widening, drum gear mesh surface exchange coefficient is relatively small, lateral clearance. roller surface speed difference, the greater the relative sliding surfaces, the greater the bar, the more obvious. Solution: on the premise of guarantee proper printing & packaging pressure, should try to reduce the center distance between three roller, appropriate pressure meshing backlash, reduce the bar & throughout; The degree of. (2) the gear wear and tear caused by clearance is too large after a period of operation, the drum gear wear due to the load or the memory slot have foreign body, lead to the gear mesh clearance is too large, can't of involute gear meshing line rolling at a constant speed, or foreign body top gear & throughout; Make gear vibration occurred during operation, and increase friction between the roller slide, slide part printing graphic in this instant and gear pitch equal ink ribbon, namely the gear bar. Solution: to strengthen the mechanical equipment cleaning and maintenance work at ordinary times, clean out between the gear of sundry, maintain good lubrication condition; According to gear wear, recalculate the adjustment of center distance, proper backlash clamping, wear the new gear should be replaced immediately. 2. Bearing wear (1) roller bearing wear offset press after using for a long time, especially no go rolling pillow cylinder, the motion impact vibration, bearing wear more easily, make between journal and bearing clearance increases the looseness and sheath, roller and pressure when diao mouth due to occur from let shaking, and produce sliding friction form the poles, especially when the load is not normal or lubrication, the roller shaft and bushing wear, near the mouth diao is most likely the poles means of settlement: in the rubber gasket diao mouth part cut into trapezoidal, to relieve the pressure the impact strength, serious should update bearing roller bearing wear. (2) the ink roller bearing wear water, ink roller bearings, bearing, bearing lock parts wear debris or hides inside can also lead to water, ink roller if there is any significant axial channeling in sport and radial runout article produced by the bar & throughout; , especially the ink roller shaft sleeve or transmission gear wear and tear, the vibration impact of roller gear mesh roll normal water transmission, distributing and uniform, causing the bar & throughout; The emergence of. 3. Ink roller wear the ink roller in use after a period of time, because of the qing dynasty to welcome him, paper, ink and other sundry, MAO or improper installation, pressure regulation by the wear and other factors, such as uneven ink roller ink roller surface uneven or axis line is not straight, serious when the ink roller two coarse fine or intermediate between two fine shape. Offset printing machine at work will cause the ink roller beating, causing local friction increase arising article discontinuous ribbon bar the cloth of water roll due to incomplete suture interface, or diameter is not appropriate, or after long time use cloth with flabby wrinkle, or fluff accumulation, the formation of new water roll cloth with hair removal serious affects normal water article also can cause the bar & throughout; From happening.
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