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Light industry revitalization planning rules is expected to be introduced in April

by:WenJie     2020-04-18
Recently, the reporter learns from light industry federation relevant personage place, light industry revitalization planning rules is arranging formulation, is expected to be completed in April. Relevant personage says, on March 30th, light industry federation's internal meeting proposed to rules set by the division of tasks, assigned to each department related personnel to draft and adjust communication up and down. Under the rules of adjustment should be two on two & throughout; A lot of things need to adjust the touch bottom, can't write out of thin air. ” Light industry federation, comprehensive business department director liao chang jing to the 'securities daily' said. He also said: details need to communicate, to communicate with each association and local, but also conform to the planning of the spirit. ” Light industry bear the prosperity of the market, expand employment, agriculture, rural areas and farmers service & throughout; One of the important tasks. Light industry adjust revitalization plan put forward six requirements, including actively expand urban and rural consumption, increase effective supply, improve the foreign trade service, ensure the export market share; To speed up the paper, home appliance, plastic industries such as technical innovation; Establish industry exit mechanism, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection; Strengthen the food safety; Strengthening policy guidance, etc. We have learned, light industry revitalization planning rules should be completed after two up two down & throughout; Various fields, namely: executives will write a draft first, then in accordance with the relevant industry symposium held respectively in charge of work of opinions; And then according to the modified opinions, by light industry federation of industry association and the social from all walks of life advice, to solicit opinions of the place. Allegedly, details the basic formulation is completed, the National Development and Reform Commission and the ministry will also participate in opinion. , experts say, due to the revitalization of the detailed rules for the specific project involved, such as the issuance of loans and other issues, to be wary of lending to enterprise repayment ability, so the details of the need to investigate the actual weigh. According to understand, to increase employment and introduced advanced technology is to achieve the purpose of the light industry revitalization planning, the selection of key enterprises also must be careful. Dozens of products, improve the export tax rebate of finance and the state administration of taxation on 27 notice, clearly increased from April 1, 2009 textile, garments, light industry, electronic information, steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical products such as export tax rebates, the adjustment 3802 tax number of products, including light industrial products involved in the plastic, leather and so on dozens of tax, export tax rebates. March 31, the reporter learns from the China leather association, leather and fur products of export tax rebates to 13%. Among them, the clothes made of leather or regenerated leather and so on four ein products export tax rebates from 11% to 13%, leather or regenerated leather for sports gloves eleven ein products of export tax rebates from 5% to 13%. On April 1, the reporter learns from the secretariat of China engineering plastics industry association, export tax rebates of engineering plastics in addition to the polyformaldehyde increased to 11%, other id number of engineering plastic products export tax rebates have been increased from 5% to 13%. Officials said the adjustment of export tax rebates to stimulate enterprise's enthusiasm has far-reaching influence
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