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Labeling machine commonly used several labeling method is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-03-30
Label field a more obvious change is to raise the importance of digital technology, labeling methods also increase gradually, at present there are three kinds of labeling machine commonly used labeling method, the following one, wipe stick method ( Or pasting method) This method is also called synchronized labeling method. In the label, when labels affixed to the front part of the package, product right away. In this kind of labeling machine, only through the speed when the packaging is consistent with the label allocation rate, after this kind of method to be successful. This is a need to maintain continuous operation technology, so the labeling efficiency is greatly improved, more suitable for high speed and high efficiency of automation packaging production line. Second, the stick method ( Or gas suction method) This is the most common labeling technology, when the label paper after leaving the conveyor belt, distribution to the vacuum mat, the end of the vacuum pad is connected to a mechanical device. When the mechanical device extends to the label and package after contact, will shrink back, this time will be label attached on the package. This technology reliably realize the correct labeling, and the precision is very high, this kind of method for the height of the product packaging has some changes at the top or side of the label, or the lateral labeling is very difficult to move packaging are applicable, but its labeling speed is slow, and labeling quality generally. Three, blow stick method ( Or jet method) The technology of some operation mode with the stick absorption method, is to place the label to the fixed vacuum pad surface mat, until it is attached with a movement began. But in this way, is keeping the surface of the vacuum, label fixed and locating in a vacuum gate & throughout; Throughout, vacuum gate &; With hundreds of small hole above for a plane, the holes are used to maintain formation by the air jet air jet & throughout; Blow out a stream of compressed air, the pressure is very strong, make the label on the vacuum gate move, let it attached to the printing & packaging & packaging items. This is a technology is complex, it has higher accuracy and reliability. Since entering the digital labeling machine market, always create the earth-shaking changes have taken place in the business. Our products are now about 60% are always create production of packaging machinery. Although always create labeling machine series products of the company is not much, but the automatic labeling machine has become our most main production system.
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