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Label printing cost analysis of the method

by:WenJie     2020-03-30
Because do not understand customer requirements on print performance, in use in the production of high-grade materials, but in fact as long as appropriate, low-grade material can meet the requirements of customers. Because customers don't understand the performance of the material, blindly to label manufacturers do something rigid requirements ( If, in accordance with relevant provisions of the foreign material number, etc. ) , resulting in unnecessary costs. For the first case, the business personnel should strengthen communication with customers, understand customer requirements for product performance and so on various aspects, and let the experienced technical personnel to check, avoid overqualified. For the second case, the printing factory in coordination with the customer should be more efforts, through the suitable way to persuade customers, which may encounter a lot of resistance, but he is very important to reduce the cost. In addition, in the absence of special requirements, some label printing manufacturer choose joint venture material & throughout; Or through the ISO certification of the material. Why they do so mainly considering the material performance is good, can meet the requirements of label printing, are more likely to agree with the customer, simple and easy for you to choose. But to better achieve the goal of reducing costs, when printing labels of different class, can adopt the different class of ink, paper, stickers and other materials, in order to effectively control the waste in the process of label printing. Choose the printing way facing the distinctive way of printing, in order to reduce the equipment debugging time, improve the production efficiency, and to a certain extent, improve the product quality and meet customer demand, label printing homely according to different grades and different batches of live parts, the product classification and then choose different printing way. At present our country's label printing is given priority to with letterpress, offset printing and screen printing, and Europe and the United States and other developed countries mainly adopts flexible printing way. With the constant improvement of the domestic plate making level and falling prices, flexible printing & packaging comprehensive cost will reduce, the characteristics of its low investment, high output will attract more and more label manufacturers. Flexible printing & packaging in the long run, will be the printing & packaging and printing, especially the first choice for label printing. At present, in the field of label printing, combination printing is favored more and more, one of the reasons is that it can be a complete printing and postpress, not only improves the production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the label printing costs. In addition, when after the printing way, if the machine is in the right way, can also reduce the wastage of the waste materials and machines. For example, high-grade printing labels, with ordinary first, price is cheap, light paper machine commissioning, and then put on a good material for printing; When debugging machine with medium speed boot, debugging good to speed up the machine; School of plate pressure at the same time school tinted, both steps to complete before school color, etc. After printing die cutting attention to detail when using the cutting off, often appear die-cutting not phenomenon, even may cause a lot of label damaged, and must also stop debugging. If inspectors master bad die cutting standard, also can increase the printing cost. In addition, in some of the non-drying label ( Especially a few small area of the label) , label in die cutting, waste processing waste adhesion phenomenon, often appear when it is also one of the main cause of printed material waste. Suggested that can adopt the following methods to solve. Design tags when increasing the area of the label and the label shape too complex, and adopt reasonable arrangement. Appropriately reducing adhesive material storage workshop and printing workshop temperature, prevent self-adhesive materials of paper adhesive viscosity decline. Change the use for a long time, dull blade die cutting blade, or in the die cutting plate and the blade adhesion between the sponge, can also again making die cutting plate. By the method of the gasket die cutting plate adjustment die-cutting version of the pressure, make the die cut version of the uniform pressure, die-cutting indentation depth is consistent. Improve the speed of die cutting waste. Scientific management strictly controlled in order to reduce the cost for label printing, in addition to the more efforts on each craft link, also should actively promote the management of standardization and digitalization. Domestic label printing enterprise in the introduction of new equipment, new technology, new technology at the same time, more should establish a new management concept, establish new management system, with scientific, standardized management, enhance the quality of label production, reduce the cost. In this regard, tianjin Lin secco industrial co. , LTD provides a good example for us. The following for the company's current management mode. According to relevant controller introduces, this kind of management pattern played a large role in reducing the production cost, especially the management of the new product has a good effect. Determine product requirements & ndash; — Review product requirements & ndash; — Production preparation & ndash; — Make production plan & ndash; — Production implementation & ndash; — Finished goods inspection & ndash; — Product delivery, in short, a scientific management mode can be label production of each process step organically, realize the overall control of the production process. Conclusion to reduce the label printing cost is a global work, and the key is in the prepress design stage are reasonable to plan as a whole, balancing the process characteristics of each working procedure, through scientific management as a whole to reasonable control of label printing, to ensure the quality and reduce waste. In the whole process, label printing factory which runs through coordination with customers has been, affecting every link of label printing. For the customer put forward clear requirements, label printing & packaging factory should according to the actual situation of the factory as far as possible to coordinate the relationship between the production and customer requirement, minimizing the label printing costs.
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