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Introduces a corrugated carton printed ink features

by:WenJie     2020-04-18

in the field of corrugated carton processing, using web preprint technology to produce large quantities of products, has become a trend. A pre-printed ink technology benefits of natural need not say more, but to really preprint technology to popularize and apply, but a series of problems to solve, especially need to printed ink to grasp a pre-printed ink features.

compared with other ink varieties, early printing ink request has the following features:

1. High temperature resistant performance

web preprint processing technology is the first to surface paper printing, the printed on the printing press is a former put, after printing products remained reel form, and will be used as processing surface of the corrugated cardboard paper. Will be printed after the finished products directly to the corrugated paper production line, and in the paper, stare blankly paper composite processed into corrugated board.

in the process of processed into corrugated cardboard, printing process just step in processing, also can be semi-finished goods, but also into the next procedure, further processing. In the process of corrugated board production, in order to let the glue dry thoroughly corrugated cardboard, must go through high temperature drying. At present, the domestic tile line drying temperature above 160 ℃, basic some high speed drying temperature of the tile line even more than 200 ℃. In the process, pre printed pattern inky are requested not to change. Therefore, printed ink must have better resistance to high temperature performance.

2。 Friction resistance

preprint is a machining process, however, finished product even on tile line. In the process of tile online secondary processing, surface friction is inevitable, paper and equipment and printed pattern can never happen wear away even rub off. Preprint technology of printing ink, therefore, friction resistance are also put forward new requirements.

before the deployment of ink, the most important step is to analyze the manuscript. Based on the analysis of color draft, mainly to the color on the color and ink used in the analysis, the general should follow the principle is: primary colors is the basis of the deployment of all inky color, no matter how complex color, no matter how to change, always don't out the scope of the three primary colors. The analysis of color draft, want to know as much as possible the color version is the cable printing is given priority to, or in the field of printing. If the cable printing & packaging is given priority to, in the deployment of ink will be focused on the base of color is consistent; If is given priority to with printing on the spot, when allocating can focus on the face is consistent; If both, then the deployment of ink color and colour are both.

color after the draft analysis, to analyze the color of the ink used, i. e. , for any kind of ink, be good at to see the color composition. For example: the yellow ink, must be good at identifying it is red or blue phase ( Or with green phase) ; For the magenta ink, must be good at identifying it is with yellow or blue phase ( Or purple phase) ; For Yu Qing ink, must be good at identifying it is red or green phase ( Or with yellow phase) 。

assumption with blue ink and yellow ink to deployment of green ink, if the blue ink ribbon red, or yellow ink ribbon red phase, the line of mixed income won't dark green, because it actually equal in blue ink and yellow ink joined the magenta ink, and this part of the magenta even very few, also want to the same quantitative cyan and yellow according to the principle of pigment the subtractive mixture is black ( Yellow + blue + magenta = black) , add a small amount of black to green, the color is dark, of course, lightness and saturation will follow is reduced greatly.

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