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Intaglio printing gold and silver ink in 6 kinds of common failure analysis and elimination method

by:WenJie     2020-04-05
(1) sticky back, adhesive plastic film on the gold and silver ink sticky dirty on the back, after serious when film between tore jie does not open, or will the impression by sticking out. The reasons for this phenomenon is mainly link material dry slowly, or the ink on the floor of the different links to connect in gold and silver ink material properties; The environment temperature is too high, too fast printing & packaging speed, pressure is too big, far infrared light is not enough; Sometimes or PE resin film itself is tacky. (2) loss of ink layer poor fastness, gold silver powder particles fall off easily. Reason is that using a single solvent directly mixed gold and silver lack the necessary viscosity. By changing the connection material to solve. (3) burrs, spot phenomenon is a large part of the spots, poor luster; Part of the ink is graphic edge spread outward. Reason is caused by the printing & packaging light, solvent is overmuch, poor flowing property, line too deep, plastic film electrostatic accumulation. Excluding method is to control the solvent dosage, for static resistance of plastic film is processing, when plate making line shoulds not be too deep. (4) fled fine line is part of the color of color print is not clear or not, the reason is caused by the links of material drying too quickly, printing speed too slow, large area of the gold and silver ink block with thin gold line, printed in one sector. The way it is ruled out, can adjust and butanol, adjust the printing & packaging speed, large area of color piece with fine line is divided into two pieces. (5) the gold and silver grey color ink to grey, reason is caused by the harmonic time is too long, the oxidation or the sulfur acid, alkali, chemical erosion and discoloration, such as with other inky color. The way it is ruled out, gold ink SuiDiao over with, on time to clean the ink pump, pipe, ink tank and plate, to prevent the string color, once the string color, replaced immediately. 6. Paste version before the gold and silver ink transferred to the film surface, has been dry in plate checker. Reason is caused by the plate is not timely cleaning, make the residual ink curing and gradually accumulated in the line, to fill line, contrast and so on in the mixed with ink. The way it is ruled out, cleaning plate at any time, pay attention to the operating environment of health. Excluding method is to change the gold oil formula, can use oil formula: polyamide adjustable gold polyamide resin 40% ~ 50%, 25% ~ 27% isopropyl alcohol, xylene (25% ~ 28%, and add the same amount of gold. At the same time decrease the temperature of operational environment, slow down the print speed, adjust the pressure, strengthen the air volume and infrared light. As a result of sticky resin itself can change the resin.
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