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Innovation and the crowd preferences box custom design discussion

by:WenJie     2020-08-31

we say that refers to the appearance of association & other; Judge a book by its cover & throughout; , is very common in the entertainment circle, recently suffered a company boss Yamy strong criticism, its content is pointing to her looks ugly. At present this kind of appearance is a huge crowd. In addition to its own aesthetic view to evaluate others, also inevitably lead a group of people to look for. So even some people constantly go through change their appearance and obtain recognition and praise. For people of this kind of psychology, we fudged. In fact, in the daily consumption we will also look to judge a good product. We would prefer carton custom beautiful products. So, if so, whether in our printing & packaging industry should also cater to this part of the crowd to change our carton customized product design innovation?

actually, in the outside box custom printing & packaging industry is very strict and rigid, such as the production department will be fully implemented according to the production plan. But in the packaging design is different. We aimed at young consumers for product design, custom printing & packaging & packaging for entertainment products case comparison to satisfy the consumers correlation is strong. Of course, other types of products also have this demand, but demand is relatively high concentration is not so. For example, a toy packaging, the main consumer groups is that kid, so demand for the appearance of the cartoon type packaging design elements is higher than other products. Although & other; Judge a book by its cover & throughout; It does not make the same, each person's aesthetic is different, for the pursuit of beauty is different also, therefore, our product design is the same. Have many styles, but does not lack the be fond of of mainstream consumer group elements.

like, some illegitimate rice will speak of her love bean product consumption to be higher than other similar products. In some demand concentration and high viscosity correlation, we product packaging and printing & packaging enterprise designers for the mainstream innovation demand is not ignored. Of course not geared pursue strong correlation can, still need to organic combination. Carton customized product printing & packaging design, in most cases, is the strong correlation between elements. Pan packing design, for example, the ingredients and the element of fire is relatively high. As for how to carry out the combination and organic, let the appearance looks beautiful, is the master of language.

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