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Ink jet printing technology advantage is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-04-07
Ink jet printing is a kind of don't need the image carrier, through the minimal functional elements ( Nozzle) And a very short path, on the basis of the information they need to be printed, will ink direct injection on the substrates of imaging technology, has applied fields, substrates, wide adaptability, good quality and fast printing speed advantage. One is the inkjet print head refinement and array. Refinement of ink-jet printing head is mainly in the inkjet print head nozzle aperture continue to fall with the increase of resolution inkjet printing, inkjet frequency, inkjet ink dot diameter gradually achieve the photo level; Array of ink-jet printing & packaging head is mainly manifested in the more small size can be a single print head integrated manufacturing and printing format width consistent multiple print head integration array. The second is generality and replaceability of inkjet ink. Versatility and replaceability of the printed material is the precondition of printing enterprises to select equipment and technology. At present, inkjet printing equipment manufacturers and inkjet ink manufacturers are trying to break through for most of the research and development of ink-jet printing head and the wholeness of inkjet ink and the problem of generality and alternative of the search for the integrity of the ink-jet printing equipment to popularize and apply the solution. Three is the color management system and production management system of intelligent level. From these systems will adapt to the users color design environment, guarantee the precision of color reproduction level to ensure that the ink jet printing & packaging system can meet the demand of diversified color design environment and color reproduction, and intelligently to optimize the production process, meet the personalized demand printing buyers of substrates, products processing requirements, and surface finishing needs, to ensure that every print buyer of goods can be delivered on time and achieve the lowest cost of production operation redundancy and goals.
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