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Ink jet out with laser printing, laser typesetting out difference

by:WenJie     2020-04-08
Currently use laser print out piece of users is more, with the aid of a black and white laser printer, can be achieved at home anywhere in the piece. But the laser print out the registration precision is relatively poor, for the four color piece, the size of each film will scale changes in different degrees, make the last four color piece can not be accurately split together. And laser printer is not suitable for big piece and output image netting, usually show the color piece is not black, flat screen, single dot shape, hanging net Mosaic serious, hanging screen density is not high, defects such as low resolution, fine print can't reproduce, thereby affect the final print quality. Laser phototypesetter quality is the best, but the price is expensive, the vast majority of users may not purchase, but only to a special place the piece. The piece of expensive, and a slice of time, degree of pressing can't controlled by yourself, very inconvenient. The inkjet print is successfully solved by laser print out the defects, the resulting four color registration accuracy compared with laser print out pills ( According to the latest EpsonStylusPhotoR210 test of practical use, two pieces of A4 size of the separation film alignment marks can completely aligned) , and ink black and precise, dot shape, Angle can be adjusted, the generated points and lines clear, results can completely with laser typesetting films, hanging screen density can reach more than 70 lines. And compared with laser typesetting process simple and practical, low cost, less investment, need to increase the specialized software and printers, small and medium-sized printing & packaging can be extremely small investment, set up their own production center, often go to end production center are trapped in the situation, thereby saving a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources. And because the price of silver and other precious metals in the international market, make the laser typesetting output film increased cost, the profit is more and more low, this also is many output center for ink jet out one of the main reasons. In addition, inkjet film late don't need to wash, very environmental protection, to avoid the developed with fixed liquid pollution to the environment, solves the problem of environmental pollution by traditional film. And can prevent the business secrets.
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